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Human Resources

Human Resources Training

The Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County is committed to the professional and personal development of its workforce. The Department of Human Resources in collaboration with our educational partners has developed an extensive curriculum designed to enhance individual skills and group capabilities.

The training program is designed to support the needs of our employees.  The courses are interactive and offer realistic examples that allow learners to apply the information to their jobs.  Courses include supervisory/management classes, mandatory classes, on-line training and general development courses.

New Hire Orientation

HR provides a day of orientation for all new employees covering benefits and insurance options.  In addition several of the mandatory training is offered as part of the new employee orientation.

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Mandatory Training

These courses are required for all employees per state law and metro ordinances. Employees are required to complete retraining every four years.

  • Sexual Harassment Prevention
  • Drug Free Workplace Policy (Substance Abuse Prevention)
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Securing the Human (Security Awareness Training)
  • DDC-6 (Defensive Driving) – with mandatory refresher every three years

On-Line Training

In an effort to provide training options, HR offers two online courses.

Defensive Driving (4hr) – this retraining option is available to those who have completed the original course (DDC-6) in the classroom. This course is offered in partnership with the National Safety Council.

Securing the Human - Security awareness training made up of nine modules. Each module is between 1 and 5 minutes for a total of less than 30 minutes.

General Development Courses

Defensive Driving 6 - Metro is committed to ensuring that employees drive safely. These mandatory courses (6 hour class and 4 hour class) provide the necessary knowledge, skills and perspective that will help participants continue to prevent injuries and save lives. This course is required per Metro Ordinance if you drive a metro vehicle or claim mileage reimbursement for your own personal vehicle.

Customer Service - Any employee who interacts with a customer, either an internal or external, is a candidate for customer service training. This course provides employees the knowledge, skills, and competencies required to increase customer satisfaction. This course can be customized for each department to address the specific needs facing staff members and includes concept application practice.

Training Courses

Training Course Descriptions

There are many other courses for specific needs or interest that are offered on a rotating basis or based on demand.

The goal is to provide the employee and department the training that meets their needs.

For assistance with training needs, including enrolling in a class, please contact the Training Coordinator for each Metro Department.

To enroll in a class, please email at (

Supervisory / Management Training

The management training series is comprised of 8 courses. The series is endorsed by Middle Tennessee State University and those who complete the series are eligible to earn college credit. The management courses include employment law, management principles, metro specific policy and practices and performance management.

Metro Management Institute (MMI -Series 3)

MMI Registration Form (Excel)

Executive Orders and Legislation Regarding Training

EXECUTIVE ORDER NO. 006 - Training of all employees of the Metropolitan Government in diversity issues and sexual harassment awareness and prevention

EXECUTIVE ORDER NO. 007 - Training of all board and commission members of the Metropolitan Government in diversity issues and sexual harassment awareness

EXECUTIVE ORDER NO. 009 / CIVIL SERVICE POLICY 6.1 - Training of all of the Metropolitan Government in Drug-free Workplace

EXECUTIVE ORDER NO. 034 - Information Security governance structure for the Metropolitan Government

METRO ORDINANCE 12.08.120 - Defensive driving course required for persons operating certain government vehicles