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Cable Television Services

Administration of the agreements between the Metropolitan Government and cable television providers is a function of the Information Technology Services department. The position of Cable Franchise Administrator was created by the Metropolitan Council in 1993 in order to not only provide for the day–to–day administration and enforcement of all provisions of any and all local cable franchises, but to also receive and act upon complaints filed by citizens when such complaints have not been satisfactorily resolved by the grantee(s) of such cable system franchises.

Through these franchise agreements Metro receives the rights to provide 4 public, educational and governmental (PEG) cable channels. Metro 3, the government channel is operated by the Information Technology Services department. The Arts (Comcast channel 9), Education (Comcast Channel 10) and Community Access (Comcast Channel 19) are operated by the NECAT organization.

AT&T Uverse Cable TV

The agreement allowing AT&T (U–Verse) to conduct business in Davidson County is though a state–wide franchise between the State of Tennessee and AT&T. The Metropolitan Government of Nashville & Davidson County has very little authority over this agreement.

Complaints can be filed with the Tennessee Regulatory Authority online by visiting the following web site: You may copy the Metro Cable Franchise Administrator using the information below.

Comcast Xfinity Cable TV

Comcast has a local (County) franchise agreement with the Metropolitan Government of Nashville & Davidson County. The current 10-year franchise agreement was successfully negotiated between Comcast and Metro and went into effect in May of 2013.

Complaints regarding Comcast service can be filed at the contact information below. When submitting your complaint, please provide your Comcast account number, as this will help expedite a resolution. Complaints are reviewed by the Cable Franchise Administrator who will work with the Government Affairs Director at Comcast.

Contact Information

Metropolitan Government Cable Franchise Administrator
c/o Information Technology Services
PO Box 196300
Nashville, Tennessee 37219-6300