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Diversity and Inclusion

Mission: Metro Government strives to reflect the diversity of the Nashville community in its hiring practices, contracting and economic development opportunities, and through the delivery of equitable programs, services, and policies by engaging best practice equity and inclusion techniques.

Vision: Metro Government is an inclusive organization that leverages diversity and fosters equity and inclusion in all aspects of how it functions, engages the community, and delivers services to residents.

Mayor Barry believes that diversity enriches our city, and that Metro Government should recognize and embrace the benefits that stem from our diversity.

In addition to Metro’s Statement of Non-Discrimination and Executive Order, Mayor Barry created the Chief Diversity Officer (CDO) position to ensure that all parts of our government are diverse and inclusive, reflecting the makeup of Nashville. Metro Government is committed to providing employees with a working environment that celebrates and encourages diversity; a diverse workforce better serves a diverse community.

CDO Michelle Hernandez-Lane works to improve the diversity of Metro’s overall workforce while developing a culture that provides employees with the technical and cultural competencies to operate within a diverse organizational framework. She also serves as a liaison to the Mayor’s Diversity Advisory Committee. Her coordination creates a more inclusive and wholescale approach to diversity.

Leadership: Metro Government and Mayor Barry are committed to making sure that representation in government is representative of the population itself.

Business Diversity: Metro Government seeks to procure from a diversity of supplier types. There are initiatives in place to support your interactions with the city as a business owner.

Workforce and Place Diversity: The Mayor’s Office works to increase the overall diversity of Metro’s workforce.

A message from the Chief Diversity Officer:

"Greetings Nashville!

I am pleased to serve you as Nashville’s first Chief Diversity Officer. Under the tremendous leadership of Mayor Megan Barry, I am responsible for working to reflect the diversity that is Nashville in Metro Government’s workforce, its business relationships, and in the equitable delivery of city programs and services.

My work is centered around guiding efforts to conceptualize, define, assess, and cultivate diversity as a resource. Diversity is a priority for Metro Government and as Nashville becomes an increasingly diverse city, it is important that Metro reflects that diversity as a core of how it does business. Nashville has a broad range of residents who represent the best and brightest innovators and critical thinkers the country has to offer. They are diverse in a variety of ways including in experience and thought. In order to truly reflect this diversity, it is imperative that we cultivate an inclusive environment that demonstrates an understanding of these differences, because all areas of government function are benefited by diversity, inclusion and equity efforts.

To that end, we will promote workforce diversity that seeks to attract, recruit, develop, promote, and retain a diverse Metro workforce at all levels. Metro will also work to leverage and build upon the great work that has been done to promote the inclusion of minority and woman owned businesses in the city’s business dealings. Finally, we will work to ensure that we’re using a lens of racial and social equity in program design, policy decisions, and delivery of services.

We are a more cohesive and vibrant community when we are intentional about understanding each other and embracing the many things that make us different. Beyond that, it is imperative that we purposefully practice inclusion daily and make every effort to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to be included."