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Office of Economic Opportunity and Empowerment

The Mayor’s Office of Economic Opportunity and Empowerment (OEOE) seeks to ensure that Nashville’s growth results in an increased quality of life for all Nashvillians through innovation and collaboration across Nashville’s economic opportunity efforts. OEOE routinely engages community partners, efficiently leverages resources, and facilitates long-term planning and coordination to reduce poverty in Nashville.

With an emphasis on social and economic equity, OEOE currently focuses on the following economic opportunity priority areas:

  • Affordable Housing: Increase access to safe and affordable housing
  • Financial Empowerment: Increase access to financial stability through the Financial Empowerment Center and other financial empowerment tools
  • Homelessness: Work closely with the Metropolitan Homelessness Commission and service providers to end homelessness in Nashville
  • Workforce Development: Increase access to quality jobs and wages

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Davidson County’s 2015 poverty rate was 16.9%, representing a 3% reduction in poverty from 2014 data. As Nashville continues to experience economic growth, Mayor Barry believes it is critical that the benefits of our economic success reach all of our residents, especially those living in poverty.

To further expand upon these efforts, Mayor Barry has convened an Economic Inclusion Advisory Committee, which will develop a "Nashville Vision" that provides a comprehensive approach that empowers low and moderate income Nashvillians by creating an educational foundation, empowered decision making, and reducing barriers to entering the financial marketplace.  

“From the outset of my campaign, I was committed to making sure that Nashville’s focus on economic growth and expansion was matched by a renewed focus on lifting people out of poverty and expanding opportunity.” – Mayor Megan Barry

Staff Directory

Cole, Erik
Director, Mayor's Office of Economic Opportunity and Empowerment
Harris, Adriane Bond
Senior Advisor for Affordable Housing
Havard, Anne
Policy Assistant
Hughes, Ashford
Senior Advisor for Labor and Workforce
Mansa, Morgan
Housing Program Manager
Murphy, John
Financial Empowerment Manager