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Affordable Housing

Mayor Megan Barry’s Housing Nashville Report

Mayor Megan Barry’s Housing Nashville Report provides benchmark data to measure success, an annual report, and an action plan for each year.  Priorities focus on how Metro Nashville can fund, build, preserve, and retain affordable housing options. The Mayor’s Office will utilize this report to set housing policy initiatives and funding priorities each year, allowing the city to track benchmark data and progress. Ultimately, these efforts seek to ensure access to affordable and workforce housing options near transportation and employment opportunities, creating quality of life for all Nashvillians.

Learn more about affordable housing, policy recommendations and the terms used to describe it.

Review Economic and Planning Systems Memos: Supply Needs and Gaps analysis, Median Household Income and more info

Read the full Housing and Priorities and Action Plan 2016-2017

The Mayor’s Office of Economic Opportunity and Empowerment (OEOE) will be meeting with local stakeholders throughout the Summer 2017 to discuss the Housing Nashville report and receive input on policy recommendations and funding priorities.  If your agency or organization would like to schedule a meeting, please contact Julia Wcislo at or Adriane Harris at

Barnes Fund for Affordable Housing

Since 2013 the Barnes Fund for Affordable Housing has invested over $4 million in affordable housing using Barnes Fund investments and leveraging with federal and private funding sources, funding more than 100 housing units. There is currently $1 million in the fund, and it will receive $5 million from the sale of the old convention center for redevelopment. Mayor Barry’s 2016 operating budget will include $10 million for the Barnes Fund for Affordable Housing, increasing the size to $16 million for the fiscal year, starting July 1, 2016.

The Barnes Fund is now seeking proposals from non-profit housing developers for home owner rehabilitation projects, rental projects and home buyer projects in Davidson County, Tennessee. Five million dollars in grant funding is available for the spring 2017 innovation funding round. Learn more about and apply for Barnes grant funding.

Housing Incentive Pilot Program

Mayor Megan Barry has launched the Housing Incentives Pilot Program (HIPP) that is designed to motivate private developers to incorporate affordable and workforce units into their apartment, condo, or housing developments. This voluntary program would encourage more mixed-income housing, primarily in the urban core and along major pikes and transportation corridors where it is needed the most. The goal is to provide housing options for working families in Nashville that would be offered at rates that do not exceed 30% of their household income. Rental or mortgages prices that exceed 30% of an individual or household's income are determined to result in them being "cost-burdened," which can lead to difficult choices in paying for basic necessities such as food, utilities, or transportation. Learn more and apply for HIPP.

Inclusionary Housing Ordinance

For more information about the proposed inclusionary housing ordinance, please visit the Metro Planning Department website.

Area Median Income

What is Area Median Income (AMI)? Nashville has an area median income of $68,500, which is at 100% AMI. The US Department of Housing and Urban Development publishes annual income limits for extremely low-income (30% AMI or below), very low-income (50% AMI or below), and low-income (80% AMI or below). Moderate income is considered to be individuals or families at or below 120% AMI.

HUD FY2016 Income for Nashville-Davidson-Murfreesboro-Franklin, TN MSA per number of persons in family
FY 2016 Income Limit Category 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Very Low (50%) Income Limits ($) 24,000 27,400 30,850 34,250 37,000 39,750 42,500 45,250
Extremely Low (30% AMI) Income Limits ($) 14,400 16,450 20,160 24,300 28,440 32,580 36,730 40,890
Low (80%) Income Limits ($) 38,400 43,850 49,350 54,800 59,200 63,600 68,000 72,350

HUD Certified Housing Counseling Agencies

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Metropolitan Affordable Housing Trust Fund Commission

The Metropolitan Housing Trust Fund Commission oversees the Barnes Fund for Affordable Housing to fund and assist in providing good quality affordable housing.

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Tennessee Housing Development Agency

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