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Barnes Fund Applications

2016 Funding Round

The following projects were approved by the Metropolitan Housing Trust Fund Commission on January 27, 2017; final approval requires action by the Metropolitan Council.  The next Metro Council meeting is February 7, 2017.  All nonprofits who applied for funding will be notified. 

The Barnes Fund sought proposals from non-profit housing developers for home owner rehabilitation projects, rental projects and home buyer projects in Davidson County, Tennessee. The Barnes Fund was created for the purpose of assisting in the development and provision of good quality, affordable housing for Davidson County residents of limited means. Ten million dollars in grant funding was available for the fall 2016 funding round, and ten million dollars worth of projects were recommended to be funded. Recommendations result in 381 Barnes Funded units and 407 total units.

Name of Applicant Type of Project Activity Barnes Fund Amount Barnes Fund Units Total Units
Urban Housing Solutions Rental New Construction $4,579,110 37 63
Woodbine Rental Rental New Construction  $3,500,000 265 265
Habitat for Humanity Nashville Homebuyer New Construction  $995,500.00 26 26
Rebuilding Together Nashville Homeowner Rehab Rehab  $ 80,357.30 6 6
Woodbine Homebuyer Homebuyer New Construction  $584,742.00 17 17 metro lots
Dismas House Rental New Construction  $260,291.00 30 30

Funding Application (CLOSED)

Eligible projects must create or preserve affordable housing opportunities in Nashville and Davidson County Tennessee. Rental projects must be affordable to households with incomes at or below 60% of the median family income adjusted for family size. Home buyer/home owner rehabilitation projects must be affordable to households with incomes at or below 80% of the median family income adjusted for family size. 

To fill out the application, interested parties must download both of the appropriate documents and save it to their computer. Each application requires two files, a spreadsheet and a corresponding word document. Applicants must use only the forms and spaces provided on the application. Questions altered or changed will result in the application being deemed ineligible and will not be reviewed for funding. Please submit all files to

Application type Spreadsheet (Excel) Application (Word)
Home buyer Home buyer spreadsheet Home buyer application
Rental Rental spreadsheet Rental application
Rehab Rehab spreadsheet Rehab application

Questions? Review our Frequently Asked Questions document, updated October 19. Any additional questions should be submitted in writing to