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Barnes Fund for Affordable Housing

As a Council Member, Mayor Megan Barry co-sponsored and passed legislation that created the Barnes Affordable Housing Trust Fund. Her dedication to the Fund continues as Mayor, in order to ensure affordable housing options for Nashvillians.

Mayor Barry and others at Affordable Housing ribbon cutting event Mayor Barry cuts the ribbon with others at Affordable Housing event

The Metropolitan Housing Trust Fund Commission has leveraged over $15,000,000 in local and public funding, to provide affordable housing.

The Barnes fund makes competitive grants to nonprofit housing developers to increase affordable housing options for Nashvillians.

Grants include funding for renovation or construction of affordable homeownership and rental opportunities and other supportive efforts to encourage affordability. Funds can be leveraged by nonprofit developers with other existing tax credit and funding programs.

Metro Government contracts with The Housing Fund, Inc. (THF) to manage and administer the Fund. THF is a private, nonprofit organization established to finance affordable housing and neighborhood revitalization projects in Middle Tennessee.

First Round of Funding

house with smooth walkwayhouse with stepped walkwayIn 2014, the initial funding round for the Barnes Fund created 40 affordable rental units for persons with incomes at or below 60% ($33,450) of the median family income adjusted for family size. The $2,000,000 Barnes investment leveraged an additional $2,517,345 in federal and private funds for a total of $4,517,345 invested in affordable housing. One half of the units were for special needs persons with incomes below 30% ($24,250) of the median family income which required a substantial grant subsidy to ensure the units were affordable.

Second Round of Funding

For the 2014-2015 budget, Mayor Dean recommended, and the Metro Council approved, $500,000 from the general fund budget be appropriated to the Barnes Fund for Affordable Housing. It is important to note that this is the first time general fund revenues have been proposed for the Barnes Fund. Recommendations from the Metropolitan Affordable housing Trust Fund Commission will be provided to Metro Council early in 2016.

sketch of proposed affordable housing project house with two sets of steps

Third Round of Funding

The following projects were approved by the Metropolitan Housing Trust Fund Commission on January 27, 2017; final approval requires action by the Metropolitan Council. The next Metro Council meeting is February 7, 2017. All nonprofits who applied for funding will be notified.

The Barnes Fund sought proposals from non-profit housing developers for home owner rehabilitation projects, rental projects and home buyer projects in Davidson County, Tennessee. The Barnes Fund was created for the purpose of assisting in the development and provision of good quality, affordable housing for Davidson County residents of limited means. Ten million dollars in grant funding was available for the fall 2016 funding round, and ten million dollars worth of projects were recommended to be funded. Recommendations result in 381 Barnes Funded units and 407 total units.

Name of Applicant Type of Project Activity Barnes Fund Amount Barnes Fund Units Total Units
Urban Housing Solutions Rental New Construction $4,579,110 37 63
Woodbine Rental Rental New Construction $3,500,000 265 265
Habitat for Humanity Nashville Homebuyer New Construction $995,500.00 26 26
Rebuilding Together Nashville Homeowner Rehab Rehab $80,357.30 6 6
Woodbine Homebuyer Homebuyer New Construction $584,742.00 17 17 metro lots
Dismas House Rental New Construction $260,291.00 30 30

Innovation Round

Mayor Megan Barry is calling on non-profits to submit innovative proposals that will leverage $5 million in funds available through the Barnes Fund for Affordable Housing. This new round of funding follows a successful fall application period, which saw non-profit developers submit proposals that leveraged $10 million in funds. The innovation round will utilize funds made available through the sale of the old Nashville Convention Center. Learn more and apply