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Links and Resources

Visit Metro Government's Live web page for information on utilities, transportation and other essential resources for residing in Nashville-Davidson County.

Resources for Neighborhood Groups

The Mayor's Office of Neighborhoods and Community Engagement has provided information about how to start, operate, and maintain a neighborhood group. The Guide to Neighborhood Associations for an overview of the neighborhood groups and associations including best practices for a successful neighborhood group. Samples of important documents, like a Neighborhood Group Agenda, Neighborhood Group Minutes, Neighborhood Group Media Release, and Neighborhood Group Bylaws are resources to help a neighborhood group run smoothly. Register your neighborhood with Metro.

Metro Council

Metro Council members are elected to serve constituents through legislation and through help with Metro Government departments and agencies. To find your Metro Council representative, please visit the Metro Council web page.

Metro Departments

You may contact any Metro department directly for a response to your concerns. Please visit the online department directory to find contact information for any Metro department, commission or agency.

Frequently Used Neighborhood Services Provided by Metro Government

Visit the full list of Services / Programs / Initiatives offered by Metro Government