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The Music City Music Council (MC2) is an association of business leaders charged by Mayor Karl Dean with developing strategies toward heightening the awareness and development of Nashville as THE global Music City. MC2 is currently co-chaired by Mayor Dean and music industry veteran Randy Goodman.

MC2 was formed as a partnership between the Nashville Mayor's Office, the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce and the Nashville Convention & Visitors Bureau.

In 2009, Mayor Dean and a handful of industry leaders conceived a new forum dedicated to growing and diversifying Nashville’s world-wide reputation as Music City. More than 40 of the city’s veteran music business people and artists, plus selected new generation entrepreneurs, were invited to pool their resources and personal networks to investigate obstacles and opportunities for all aspects of the entertainment business, including creative enterprises, publishing, artist development, technology, media and support/logistics.

The conversation and action that resulted marks the most dynamic effort in Nashville’s history to cooperatively raise the level of activity and opportunity for all. Other cities have created music commissions to cultivate their nascent music sectors, but Nashville’s is the only one with the advantage of seven decades of worldwide music leadership and a per capita involvement in music business that leads the nation by a huge margin. The Council aims to make Nashville the most attractive city in the world for anyone engaged in any kind of music to locate their business.

For more information, contact Matt Wiltshire by e-mail at or by phone at (615) 862-6021.

MC2 Inspired Accomplishments

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Nashville's Music Industry

The music and entertainment industry provides a $10 billion impact on Nashville’s economy annually, creating and sustaining more than 56,000 jobs in the Nashville area and supporting more than $3.2 billion of labor income annually.

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music industry concentration chart that shows Nashville far outpacing other cities

The Music Business Story

Nashville earned the name Music City in the first half of the twentieth century and spent the next sixty years making good on that world-famous nickname. The term was coined by WSM radio announcer David Cobb in 1950 as he surveyed a town full of recording artists, songwriters and publishers who spanned all music, from classical, pop and jazz to country, bluegrass and gospel. As music spread via radio, recordings, television, the internet, satellite radio and wireless devices, Nashville has evolved along with the industry and always been a center for the creative core of the business – songwriting and record production. The city’s studio infrastructure is as good as any in the world, and too often hidden from view Nashville logistics companies – bus companies, case companies, instrument technicians and the like – keep the city’s $6 billion music industry on the road and in the groove.

The 21st century has been full of challenges and chaotic with change. But Music City’s deep talent pool of record executives, producers, song pluggers, video directors and others is adapting and launching new business models. The world has noticed, with one nationally known sociologist/economist dubbing Nashville the “Silicon Valley” of music and counting more than twice the music business experts per capita as any other city. With festivals as big and diverse as Bonnaroo and the CMA Music Festival on top of a vibrant downtown music venue scene, Nashville is truly a complete Music City.

Detailed history of Nashville's music business

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Richard Florida on the Nashville Music Industry economic impact report

"Nashville is not only a booming center for the music industry and musical talent. It's also crafted a long-run economic development strategy for bolstering its music economy and leveraging its many assets to foster a stronger, more innovative economy across the board."

Nashville Music Industry Economic Impact Report

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Music City Music Council Members

Co-chairs (through December 31, 2015): Mayor Megan Barry and Ed Hardy
Co-chairs (beginning January 1, 2016): Mayor Megan Barry and Joe Galante

David Bohan – President/CEO, Bohan
Scott Clayton – Senior Partner, CAA, Nashville
David Ingram – CEO, Ingram Entertainment
Ken Levitan – Managing Partner, Vector Management
Mary Ann McCready – President & Partner, FBMM (past co-chair, MC2)
Ken Paulson – CEO, First Amendment Center
Colin Reed – CEO, Ryman Hospitality Properties
Nancy Shapiro – Vice President, The Recording Academy
Troy Tomlinson – CEO, SONY/ATV Publishing
Steve Turner – CEO/Principal, Market Street Enterprises
Mike Wells – CEO, Jackson Financial
Jason Moon Wilkins – NBN Soundland
Sally Williams – Vice President of Business and Partnership Development, Opry Entertainment Group