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Mayor's Office of Children and Youth

Mission Statement

The mission of the Mayor's Office of Children and Youth is to work in partnership with public and private entities to ensure that all of Nashville's children are healthy, safe, successful in school, and connected to caring adults, allowing them the opportunity to contribute to the progress of our city.

The Education Mayor 

Mayor Dean with school children

Since first running for the Office of Mayor in 2007, Mayor Karl Dean has made education his No. 1 priority. Mayor Dean recognizes that educating our children is the most important thing a city does. The quality of our public schools is directly linked to the city's overall success. And Mayor Dean believes every student deserves a high quality education and the chance to succeed in life. 

To that end, Mayor Dean has acted as a strong advocate for education reform. He has fully funded the budget for Metro schools every year despite cuts to most other departments. He also has allocated additional funds from Metro’s general operating budget for innovative education-related programs that keep students engaged in school and enhance their learning experience. 

The staff in the Mayor's Office of Children and Youth have been responsible for developing and implementing these many programs. All of Mayor Dean's education initiatives have been geared towards increasing graduation rates and helping students become fully prepared for success in college and career. 

Many of Mayor Dean's initiatives have also involved industries, nonprofits and volunteers. Mayor Dean believes that educating the city's youth is not just the responsibility of the school system, but a community responsibility that requires support from parents, businesses, community organizations and city leaders alike.

Student at Maplewood Scholars Academy

Take learning to a new level

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