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Energy Efficiency Improvements Volunteer Opportunities

hands on nashvilleImpact Nashville is partnering with Hand On Nashville's Home Energy Savings (HES) Program to assist low- income families with their energy bills by upgrading their homes to be more energy efficient. HES engages volunteers in improving the energy efficiency, comfort, and safety of North and East Nashville homes owned and occupied by very-low-income homeowners.

The HES Program also works in hundreds of homes owned and occupied by flood survivors, helping them regain financial stability by reducing energy usage and expense through the support of The River Fund of The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee and others.

Integrating energy efficiency into low-income homes is a priority for the city for 2 reasons:

1. Tennessee has a higher-than-average level of energy intensity (consumes more energy per dollar of economic activity than most other states), and Tennessee’s residential energy consumption, as a percentage of its overall use, exceeds that of the South and the nation.

2. In Davidson County, per-capita residential greenhouse gas emissions are 25% higher than the national average.

To address both of these challenges, volunteers will integrate energy-efficient components in the rebuild and repairs of flood damaged homes, thereby reducing Nashville’s carbon footprint.

HES Project Opportunities

To learn about upcoming volunteer opportunities with Impact Nashville and HES, visit Hands On Nashville. This is what you can expect at a HES project:

  • enegy efficiency HES Program Manager will provide guidance, materials, and safety equipment on site.
  • Please wear comfortable work clothes that can get dirty and closed toe shoes.
  • Lunch, water, and snacks are provided.
  • At the beginning of each project, an orientation will offer information about energy conservation, the - program's benefits, and the day's work.
  • Repairs may include installing insulation, weather stripping, low-flow shower heads, CFL bulbs, and other upgrades to make homes more efficient.
  • You may even learn a thing or two about making your own home more energy efficient!

Chestnut Hill Initiative, Change for Chestnut

Chestnut Hill is a small, diverse community in South Nashville with a strong community spirit. Most homes in the neighborhood date back to the 1930s and have had very little weatherization work done on them. All homes participating in this program are owner-occupied and low-income. Community partners making this project possible include the Village Fund, LetterLogic, the Urban Land Institute, Vanderbilt University Peabody College of Education & Human Development, and 12South Neighborhood Association. In the Spring of 2013, there will be numerous opportunities to register for the Change for Chestnut neighborhood project to make the homes more energy efficient and comfortable during weather extremes. Your helping hands can make the difference for someone in need.