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Public Records Commission

The Metropolitan Public Records Commission provides for the orderly disposition of public records of the Metropolitan Government by approving Records Disposition Authorizations. The RDA regulates a records series disposition by allowing for its destruction or permanent retention. The Metropolitan Clerk and Archives provide support to the Public Records Commission and serve as custodian of its records. The Commission meets no less than twice annually.

Under Tennessee Code (10-7-401), the Commission is composed of eight members, three of which are appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the Metro Council. Of these three, one must be a member of the Council, one must be a judge of one of the courts of record in the county, and one must be a genealogist. The county clerk, county register, county historian, county archivist and the director of information technology are ex officio members of the Commission.

Current members include:

Ken Fieth (Metro Archivist)
Judge Steve Dozier (Judge of Court of Record)
Gabi Castillo (designee of Brenda Wynn, County Clerk)
Bill Garrett - (Register of Deeds)
Dr. Carole Bucy (County Historian)
Colby Sledge (Council Member)
Keith Durbin (Director of ITS)
Sue Cooper (Genealogist)