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Annual Report

During the past two years we began laying the groundwork for expansion back into the community. As we began talking to city council, Metro Schools, and local businesses, it became clear just how little the community knew about our services and our updated story—which was quickly becoming a success story.

Our research around storytelling led us to develop our annual report. This document serves as a key to funding, commission engagement, and expansion of our services. Our annual report is a concise document that shares our research, efforts, outcomes, and growth that shares our research, efforts, outcomes, and growth.

Annual Reports by Year

We developed this annual report to tell our success story and to sell the need for expansion to our Commission and other stockholders. We needed current funders, future funders, instructors, students, and staff to know the depth of our impact in the community and to see that we are good stewards of the city's resources. Through this report we have been able to document the work, secure funding for future expansion, and deepen partnerships within the community; all of which assist us in connecting with more Nashville residents.