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Nashville Community Education
Phone: 615-298-8050
Fax: 615-298-8455

Department Locations

  • The Cohn School - Main Office
    4805 Park Ave.
    Nashville, TN 37209
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  • Wright Middle School - Satellite Location
    180 McCall St.
    Nashville, TN 37211
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TeachComputer Class

Do you have a skill or passion to share with others? Nashville Community Education is a great place to become a class leader and IMPACT the community by teaching. We are always looking for people who would love to share their passion, skills, talents, or hobbies with the greater community through teaching a class with us.

As a small government department, we have the flexibility to work around your schedule to create a class that meets your needs and understands the demands on your schedule. We can create a class that meets for one session, once a month, or anything in between. Additionally, we can hold classes in the evening after work or during the day for lunch seminars or office hour sessions.

Teaching a class at Nashville Community Education gives professional an opportunity to build their credibility as an expert in their field, gain practical experience teaching, and polish their overall public speaking skills. Teaching a class at NCE provides retirees with opportunity to remain active in the community and share a lifetime of experiences, skills, and hobbies with more people.

Come to an Information Session

NCE hosts instructor information sessions every month on the first Tuesday at 6pm in the Main Office. Program Coordinator, Philip Stoecklein, will talk about what it means to teach at NCE, how to get started, specific classes that we're looking for, and more.

Apply to Teach

If you already know a class that you are interesting in teaching at NCE, please complete a Class Proposal Form.

Common questions about teaching at NCE

What can I teach?

Teaching at Nashville Community Education should be viewed as a volunteer commitment. However, we do provide a small stipend to teachers based on a percentage of student fees collected for their class.

Do I have time to teach?

Nashville Community Education works around your schedule. We can schedule a one-time seminar, a two-week class, lunch-and-learn, or weekly class to meet your scheduling needs.

What can I teach?

To someone wanting to learn what you know, you are an expert! If you have a passion for sewing, or are an excellent presenter, or understand Excel graphs, there is something that you can teach someone else. We are surprised each semester to see what classes are students are interested in taking. We have classes in dutch oven cooking, Mandarin, raw foods and plant-based nutrition, handmade books, and more. Our classes range in size from 5 to 20 people. In a city of one million, there are at least five people that want to learn more about a particular skill or topic if they are just given the opportunity. Be creative and bring your class ideas to Nashville Community Education!

How do I get started?

If you are interested in teaching one of the classes above or have another idea for a class, please fill out our Class Proposal Form. Questions? Email or call our Program Coordinator, Philip Stoecklein, at 615-298-8050.