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Metro Animal Care and Control Installs New System to Quickly Track and Identify Dogs and Cats Inside Shelter


QuickKennel photoMetro Animal Care and Control (MACC) recently activated a new tracking system inside the shelter called QuickKennel©.  Using a hand held scanner, MACC staff can conduct an inventory anytime of shelter animals with nearly flawless accuracy and in a fraction of the time it takes doing inventory by hand.

The system operates by scanning barcodes permanently affixed to the kennels and then scanning the barcodes on the cards that identify the particular animal inside the kennel.  The software then takes these two codes and checks the database to see if the current inventory is accurate, and makes any adjustments necessary, in seconds.

MACC staff also use the new tracking system to mark that medical treatments have been completed and to make lists of animals that are ready to go to adoption.

QuickKennel© shows the kennel areas on computer screens and can readily tell which kennels are in use, number and types of animals in that location. Staff finds the tracking system helpful in maintaining record accuracy required in the many moves that take place each day.