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Harboring Warrants Issued in Connection with Accused Murderer Eric Goodner


May 3, 2013


North Precinct detectives this afternoon arrested Quantrese Leyta Upkins for harboring 17-year-old accused murderer Eric Goodner.  Upkins is formally charged in a warrant issued this morning with being an accessory after the fact.
Upkins, 31, is the leaseholder of the apartment in the Village Place complex where Goodner was apprehended on Wednesday afternoon.  She is the girlfriend of Nicholas Antonio Goodner, Eric Goodner’s cousin, who also lives at the apartment.  
The investigation reveals that Eric Goodner had been staying at the apartment since at least Saturday, April 27th.  Quantrese Upkins told detectives that Nicholas Goodner asked if Eric Goodner could stay with them.  
An arrest warrant was also issued this morning against Nicholas Goodner charging him with being an accessory after the fact.  Officers and detectives are now working to bring him into custody.
“It is the police department’s view that these two persons contributed to fear and concern in the community by allegedly assisting Eric Goodner avoid capture,” Chief Steve Anderson said.  “At a time when police officers and citizens throughout Nashville were on the lookout for Goodner, it appears these two persons were helping him despite intense publicity about his fugitive status.  We believe they, too, should be held accountable.”


Nicholas Antonio GoodnerQuantrese Leyta Upkins