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Second Suspect Charged in 2012 Murder Case


May 9, 2013


Convicted robber Charles A. Childs is now jailed on a first-degree murder indictment after investigation by South Precinct detectives led to the determination that Childs was the second of two persons involved in the September 20, 2012 shooting death of Abanzer Tsegaye in the parking lot of the Knights Inn on Bell Road in Antioch.
Childs, 25, who registered with the police department as an ex-convict and parolee on May 3, 2012, was already in jail on a parole violation charge at the time of the indictment.  He is a co-defendant of Ronald McCallum, 19, who was arrested in the case last October.
Tsegaye, 21, of Zermatt Avenue, was shot when he and a friend went to the motel to take part in a marijuana transaction.  Gunfire erupted as Tsegaye was interacting with two individuals alleged to have been Childs and McCallum.  They will be arraigned in Criminal Court in the near future.


Ronald McCallum, 19

Charles A. Childs, 25