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Environmental Task Force to Rededicate Itself to Original Mission


June 24, 2013


Chief Steve Anderson today announced that the Metropolitan Police Department will exercise stronger authority over the city’s Environmental Task Force (ETF), which will focus on a complaint-driven model rather than involve the full task force with routine business licensure/permit inspections when no other issues are present.
The ETF was formed in 1994 to focus on primarily after-hours businesses in violation of public safety codes and ordinances.  Representatives of several departments, including Police, Codes, Fire, Health, Beer Board and Tennessee Alcoholic Beverage Commission, have visited countless establishments over the past 19 years and ordered that deficiencies (i.e., wiring, overcrowding, fire code violations, liquor law violations, etc.) be corrected.  Such violations, if left unchecked, pose a risk to the safety of Nashville’s citizens and visitors.
On the night of June 14th, the ETF visited Family Wash in East Nashville at the behest of a Health Department task force member who needed to perform a routine bi-annual food inspection.  Family Wash was not the subject of any complaints that had come to the attention of the ETF.
Chief Anderson, noting that task force members have changed over the years with retirements and reassignments, has directed that the full ETF be mindful of its original mission and dedicate itself to the investigation/follow-up of matters involving complaints and/or potential violations of the law.