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Metro Government School and Community Garden Grant Program

August 16, 2013

Only organizations with a non-profit status may apply.  “Non-profit status” is defined by one of the following:

  • 501 (c) (3) designation of exemption from federal taxation from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) as provided by 26 U.S.C.A. or;
  • Incorporation as a non-profit; and the registration identification number provided by the Secretary of State as a Charitable Organization or proof of such exemption as allowed.

Organizations must be currently registered with the Tennessee Secretary of State Office to do business in Tennessee, and have filed the necessary report to the Secretary of State’s Office of Charitable Solicitation (unless, according to the organization’s size, it does not meet the threshold requirement).

Organizations must have been in existence (registered with Secretary of State) for 3 years.

Organizations must have an audit conducted of the latest completed fiscal year by a certified public accountant completed within the preceding 12 months of the application due date. In cases where the fiscal year end does not allow enough time for the completion of the audit by the application date, the previous year’s report would be acceptable if completed within the preceding 12 months of the application date.

More information can be found in Ordinance No. BL2013-498.

If eligible to apply, please download an application and follow the directions within.