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Populations Report - September 2013


Each month, DCSO compiles a report of the average daily populations in its network of jail facilities. We are pleased to provide highlights from this monthly report here online. Please click on the link below for the report currently available.

Populations Report - September 2013

How This Report Came to Be

Every inmate in a Davidson County jail is classified in several different ways, including a classification according to the nature of the charge(s) against him/her. This information is used for a variety of purposes within DCSO, but for the “Average Daily Population Report”, each inmate is counted once, according to the most serious charge currently against him/her.

The daily numbers that make up the monthly average come from nightly population counts.
When this report was initiated, it was established that certain classifications are to be reported specifically, while others (those used less frequently and, as you will see, comprising a small portion of the population) are reported as a group.

The report is normally produced internally for each month by the 10th of the following month, and we make every effort to have it published here as quickly as possible.

If you have questions about this report, please e-mail DCSO Research & Analysis.