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Officers from South Precinct & Berry Hill Police Arrest Two Men for Overnight Robbery at Thompson Lane Apartment Complex


October 9, 2013


Coordinated work overnight between South Precinct officers and the Berry Hill Police Department led to the apprehension of two men for robbing individuals at a Thompson Lane apartment complex.
Maurice Murphy, 20, of S. 4th Street, and Anterrio Holt, 19, of S. 6th Street, are each charged with two counts of aggravated robbery and resisting a police stop.  During questioning by South Detective Jeff Polk, Murphy and Holt admitted to robbing two men at Covenant Crossing Apartments shortly before midnight.
A traffic violation initially drew police attention to the suspects.  Berry Hill Officer Michael Lewis stopped their Chevrolet Impala at 12:05 a.m. on Thompson Lane at Powell Avenue for traveling without headlights.  Murphy and Holt bailed out of the vehicle along with two females.  Lewis quickly caught up with Holt.  South Precinct Officer William Mathis apprehended Murphy on W. Iris Drive after Murphy tripped over his baggy pants and fell down.
During an inventory of the car, two BB pistols were found along with two wallets not belonging to either suspect.  Officers contacted the individuals whose identifications were in the wallets.  They told officers that they had been robbed at gunpoint minutes earlier.
Murphy and Holt are jailed in lieu of $51,000 each.


Maurice MurphyAnterrio Holt