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Robbery Charges Being Placed Against 16-Year-Old Driver Who Led Police on Pursuit


December 26, 2013


The driver of the stolen Toyota Corolla who led officers on a pursuit this morning is additionally being charged at juvenile detention with two counts of aggravated robbery.
Following an interview with detectives this afternoon, Derrick Thomas, 16, is being charged with robbing the owner of the Toyota of her purse on the night of December 23rd.  He is also being charged with the robbery of a pizza deliveryman on Alameda Street earlier that same evening.  The investigation thus far also implicates Kristopher Howard in area robbery cases.  Howard, 16, was the rear seat passenger in the stolen Toyota who died when Thomas lost control and crashed.
In both of the above robberies, a long gun was used.  Based on information provided by Thomas, a rifle was recovered this afternoon from an alley off 28th Avenue.  
Additional charges against Thomas in regard to other cases are pending further investigation.  His photograph is being withheld at present so as not to interfere with the showing of photo lineups to victims/witnesses.
A third 16-year-old, Rhyan Rawlings, was arrested Christmas Eve and was charged with the robbery of the Toyota’s owner and vehicle theft.  Rawlings will also be facing an aggravated robbery charge in the pizza delivery case.