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Security Guard's Gunfire into Car Remains Under Investigation


February 20, 2014


The circumstances surrounding a domestic dispute that led up to a security guard firing shots into the hood of a vehicle at 1207 McGavock Pike near downtown early today remain under investigation.
At 2:45 a.m., licensed security guard Max Scruggs, 55, was alerted by employees of a McGavock Pike restaurant to a fight that was occurring across the street between a man and a woman.  Scruggs responded and encountered John Scalf, 25, of Smyrna, and Jessica Tillery, 27, of Murfreesboro.  Scruggs reports that he called 911 to report the fight and instructed the parties not leave because police were on the way.  Scalf and Tillery got into a car.  When they tried to pull away, Scruggs said that he fired into the hood fearing for his safety.  The gunshots disabled the vehicle and all parties were on the scene when officers arrived.  All three were interviewed and allowed to leave pending further investigation.  Scruggs’ gun was retained by police while the case remains open.
The police department’s Domestic Violence Division is now handling the investigation involving the fight between Scalf and Tillery.  Precinct Detective Ricky Stewart is leading the investigation into the propriety/legality of Scruggs’ actions.  No charges have been placed against any party at present.