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Nashville Center Helps Money Issues Make Sense

January 28, 2015
Mary Hance, aka Ms. Cheap

The Tennessean's Ms. Cheap writes "Nashville Center Helps Money Issues Make Sense" and talks with Nashville Financial Empowerment Center Counselor Ashley Warbington and Director Erik Cole.

Ms. Cheap does a deep-dive into the services we provide, our approach to "meet clients where they are", and highlights some of our favorite client stories.

We love this one, for instance:

"A young gentlemen who had never saved a penny in his life came in to see one of our financial counselors," said Erik Cole, director of the Financial Empowerment Center. "He expressed that he has never been able to budget successfully. His financial counselor developed a budget with him. He also had never seen his credit report and was concerned a family member had taken out a loan in his name. After the financial counselor helped him review his credit report, he was pleasantly surprised to find that there was no identity theft. After working with his financial counselor for five months, he has a goal of buying a house this year and is now consistently saving $700 a month."