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Department of Emergency Communications 2016 Annual Report


It is with great pleasure that we present to you the Department of Emergency Communications (ECC) annual report for the year 2016.

In 2002, the consolidation of fire, medical and police call taking and dispatching functions established the Emergency Commu-nication Center. The center operated under the management of the Emergency Communications Board. While the center oper-ated successfully since that date, in June of 2016, Mayor Me-gan Barry and the Metropolitan Council adopted an Ordinance which created the Department of Emergency Communications as a stand-alone department.

During 2016, the ECC continued in its trend of receiving over one million calls an-nually, with 416,798 of those calls being 9-1-1 in nature. The Emergency Commu-nication District (ECD), once again, sponsored a public awareness program to ed-ucate the community on the appropriate circumstances to call the non-emergency number vs 9-1-1.

In last year’s annual report, recruitment was identified as an area of concentra-tion. It was our goal to engage in an aggressive hiring program to keep pace with attrition. In 2016 we took steps to streamline our applicant testing process by combining orientation and two different days of testing into one all-inclusive day. We also prescheduled four Call Taking Training Academy classes for the year. These efforts aided in increasing our number of call taker graduates from 24 to 34 for 2016.

In the following pages you will see accomplishments from both our Operations and Support Sections. It continues to be my pleasure to work with such a dedicat-ed, professional and forwarding thinking group of individuals. I observe them work tirelessly to ensure citizens living, working or visiting Nashville receive emergency and non-emergency services in a prompt and courteous manner.

Even with the capability of this enthusiastic staff, their successes would not have been possible without the continued support of Mayor Megan Barry, the Metropol-itan Council, the Emergency Communication District (ECD) Board, and the many citizens of this great city.

Michele Donegan, Director

2016 Annual Report