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Metro Public Health Department Backyard Inspection Day is May 6

April 24, 2017

To Help Reduce Mosquito Population and Increase Awareness to Protect Against Mosquito Bites

Event Held in Woodbine Neighborhoods and an Area of 12 South/Melrose

Metro Public Health Department staff and community volunteers will come together from 9:00 a.m. until Noon on Saturday, May 6, for the 13th annual Backyard Inspection Day. Health Department staff and volunteers will go door-to-door in areas of Woodbine and the 12 South/Melrose offering free backyard inspections to identify and reduce standing water areas that can become mosquito breeding grounds. In addition to the inspections, homeowners will be reminded about the importance of protecting themselves from biting mosquitoes.

Fight the Bite brochures will be offered to adults and a special activity brochure with mosquito prevention messages with coloring and games will be available to children. Mosquito information, including the latest information about West Nile virus and Zika virus, is available on the Health Department’s website.

The targeted areas were selected because they have a history of mosquito problems and where mosquitoes have previously tested positive for carrying West Nile Virus.

The Health Department hopes to use the Backyard Inspection Day event to remind everyone in Nashville of what they should do to identify and reduce the mosquito population in their yards and to protect themselves against mosquito bites.

The Health Department asks residents within the targeted area to call 615-340-8922 to request an inspection of their property. Inspectors will go first to homes of those who request an inspection.