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Planning Department projects win two national awards

May 5, 2017

photo of award presentation

“Envision Lower Broadway,” last fall’s temporary rearrangement of Broadway traffic lanes between First and Second Avenues in cooperation with Metro Public Works, has received the Congress for the New Urbanism’s Charter Award for excellence in design. The Congress for the New Urbanism is an organization of designers and planners which advocates for walkable, sustainable, and equitable growth.

The “Envision Lower Broadway” demonstration project transformed the first block of Lower Broadway in September and October 2016, replacing two traffic lanes with pedestrian-friendly walking space, planters, and street furniture.

“Lower Broadway is at the heart of our city both physically and culturally,” says Mayor Megan Barry. “It’s where the music plays and where people want to be. It’s one of the busiest streets for pedestrians that you’ll find anywhere, and it needs to be fun, safe and easy to navigate for everyone.”

Envision Lower Broadway was one of sixteen projects nationwide which earned awards from the Congress. CNU president and CEO Lynn Richards called them “…designs that have a very real impact on people’s lives,” adding that they “demonstrate the value and flexibility of New Urbanist principles to combating important challenges, from climate change to the fragmentation of communities.”

The Downtown Code, Metro’s specific building code for the city center, received the Form-Based Code Institute’s Driehaus Award for achievement in writing and implementing form-based code. A form-based code regulates development based on buildings’ physical form, rather than by how the buildings are used.

Both awards were presented Friday, May 5, at CNU’s annual convention in Seattle.

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