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Four Persons Arrested in West Nashville Meth Case


November 27, 2012




          A West Nashville meth-cooking operation is out of business as the result of Monday evening’s raid at 7264 Indian Creek Road.

          A several month investigation into Robert Michael Martin’s alleged drug ties led to Monday’s execution of a search warrant at his residence by Specialized Investigations Division narcotics detectives.  Seized were three grams of processed methamphetamine, eight firearms, 17 marijuana plants and evidence of products commonly used to manufacture meth (empty pseudoephedrine packages, ether cans used as starter fluid, stripped lithium batteries, acetone, Coleman fuel and ammonium nitrate packages).  

          Martin, 40, and his girlfriend, Barbara Henry, 29, of Camden, are charged with initiating the process to manufacture meth, possession of meth for resale and Crooks with Guns law violations.  Two other men at the residence were also arrested.   James Edward Dixon, 42, a suspected meth cook, is charged with initiating the process to manufacture meth, promotion of meth manufacture and a Crooks with Guns law violation.  Anthony Wilson, 20, is charged with possession of marijuana for resale and a Crooks with Guns law violation.

          The investigation revealed that because of the remoteness of the Indian Creek Road property, it was a location of choice for meth users to cook/manufacture the very dangerous substance.



Robert Michael Martin    Barbara Henry

James Edward Dixon    Anthony Wilson

photo of seized firearms

seized marijuana plants

seized meth making products