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Birthdays and Groups

We are happy to host your birthday party, corporate gathering, or group event! We have the fun, the features, and the extras to make your next get-together the best ever. We take pride in helping your groups and parties have a happy and memorable experience.

To begin, call (615) 862-8480, Extension 72502 to book your group or party.

Choose between Swimming or Skating

Public Swim Party

The swim party area is in the front lobby of the Sportsplex. We reserve tables for you and your guests. Feel free to bring your own decorations (please, no glitter).

To reserve the swim party area, purchase a minimum of 10 tickets at $6.00 each for a total of $60.00. When you pay, you lock in your $6.00-per-person admission rate, which applies to any extra party-goers who arrive. Pay when you book. We do not give refunds for unused tickets.

Note: For every two children under 4 ft. tall, you must have one adult in the water with them.

We schedule swim parties on Saturdays from 1:00-3:00 p.m. Plan ahead. Slots fill up fast, especially in Spring and Summer. Swim parties take place during open swim times.

Public Skating Party

Choose from three party areas:

  • Birthday Party Room, located to the left of the ice rink entrance. $100 minimum package includes 10 skaters. Additional skaters are $7.00 each.
  • Rink Party Area 1, located at the near end of the ice rink bleachers. $90.00 minimum package includes 10 skaters. Additional skaters are $7.00 each.
  • Rink Party Area 2, located in the middle of the ice rink bleachers between the bleacher sections. $90.00 minimum package includes 10 skaters. Additional skaters are $7.00 each.

Pay for the minimum package when booking. Purchase extra tickets at the time of your party. We do not give refunds for unused tickets. Skate rental is included with all skating party packages.

Each party area has two picnic tables for your use. Feel free to bring your own decorations (please, no glitter).

Skating parties are during public skating sessions. See the Public Skating schedule. For each session, we have three slots available. Plan ahead, especially in Fall and Winter!

Arrive 20 minutes early to insure that everyone in your party gets skates. We cannot reserve skates.

We also offer private instruction for your group. The lesson includes 10 minutes of off-ice instruction on skate fit and lacing and 20 minutes of on-ice instruction on basic pushing and gliding exercises. To arrange an instructor, contact our Skating School Director, Keneth Langley, at least 10 days before your party. The cost is $49.00 payable to the instructor. You might need an additional instructor if you have over 20 skaters in your group.

Private Skating Party

Want a rink to yourself? Spring and Summer have the most availability. Fall and Winter stay mostly booked. Ice rentals start at $300/hour and the first 30 skate rentals are free. Contact Frank Wright for more information.


We have a full-service concession stand that sells pizza, hot dogs, pretzels, and an assortment of beverages and snacks. The stand also provides paper goods with the purchase of food. If you are bringing you own food, bring your own paper goods and tablecloths. Bring your own cake, candles, and decorations.

School Groups & Home-Schooler Discounts

Are you looking for a unique, exciting, and educational field trip that includes both fun and fitness? We offer special school group discounts for groups of 20 or more throughout the school year at both the Ice Rink and the Aquatics Center. We also offer money-saving home-schooler rates.

For more information, call (615) 862-8480 Ext. 72502 or email Jamie Smith.

Corporate Gatherings

The Centennial Sportsplex is the perfect place to bring your group for a team and morale-building party. We have special group rates during public skating sessions and open swimming sessions.

For more information, email Jamie Smith or call (615) 862-8480 Ext. 72502.

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