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Group Exercise

Parks and Rec logo "Metro Parks Nashville"; Centennial Sportsplex logo "Centennial Sportsplex" stick figures: figure skater, swimmer, weight lifter, runner, tennis player, hockey playerClass Descriptions

  • Membership includes all classes.
  • Sportsplex instructors are certified in CPR and group exercise.
  • Classes might be changed or canceled due to low attendance or if an instructor is unavailable.
  • Check our Sportsplex Fitness Google calendar and Centennial Sportsplex Facebook page for more information about schedule changes.
  • Teens 13 to 16 may attend classes if supervised by a parent.

Fitness Center (615) 862-8490

For the most up to date schedule please see our Sportsplex Fitness Google calendar

Group Exercise Classes
Day Time Class Instructor
Monday 6:00 AM Boot Camp Ken
Monday 11:00 AM Yoga Nick
Monday 12:15 PM Boot Camp Ashley
Monday 4:15 PM Yoga Nephie
Monday 5:30 PM Zumba (55 Minutes) Nephie
Monday 6:30 PM Boot Camp Strapped Kristin
Tuesday 6:00 AM Strength, Cycle, Stretch Copernicus
Tuesday 11:30 AM TRX Kathy
Tuesday 12:30 PM Pilates/Barre Fusion Kathy
Tuesday 5:10 PM Indoor Cycling Ken
Tuesday 5:15 PM Pound Kathy
Tuesday 6:15 PM Restorative Yoga Nick
Wednesday 6:00 AM Boot Camp Ken
Wednesday 11:00 AM Yoga Nick
Wednesday 12:15 PM Boot Camp Kristin
Wednesday 5:30 PM Zumba (55 Minutes) Nephie
Wednesday 6:15 PM Indoor Cycling Charturah
Wednesday 6:30 PM Boot Camp Strapped Dru
Thursday 6:00 AM Strength, Cycle, Stretch Copernicus
Thursday 12:30 PM Pound Kathy
Thursday 5:10 PM Indoor Cycling Ken
Thursday 5:15 PM Boot Camp Dru
Thursday 6:15 PM Yoga Nephie
Friday 6:00 AM Boot Camp Ken
Friday 11:00 AM Gentle Yoga Denise
Friday 12:15 PM Boot Camp Ashley
Saturday 8:00 AM Step Charturah
Saturday 9:00 AM Boot Camp Strapped Shauna
Saturday 10:00 AM Yoga Shauna
Sunday 10:00 AM Yoga Jamal

Group Fitness Instructors

Mina Kashani

Classes: Yoga

I began my yoga practice about 15 years ago to reduce the stress on my body from running. I quickly fell in love with the dance like feel of vinyasa flow. A few years later, I actually deepened my practice due to a back injury. Using yoga as a means to heal, I sought out the many different styles such as Iyenger, Ashtanga and Vinyasa with each adding to my practice. Making my practice my own has been a study in what my body needs and not what I want. Studying under great teachers and being inspired by them all lead me to become a certified yoga instructor completing Shiva Rae's Samudra Global School for Living Yoga Teacher Training program under the direction of Molly Spessard and Roberto Lim.

Combining my teacher training with power yoga workshops I've taken, my teaching offers strength and flexibility with fluid movement. My desire is to continue to learn and study the benefits that yoga gives us, not only physically but emotionally and pass my knowledge on to others in a safe and welcoming environment. I love Nashville and all the outdoor activities it offers. My family and I love to hike and travel.