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Class Descriptions

  • All classes are included in a Centennial Sportsplex membership.
  • Sportsplex instructors are certified in CPR and group exercise.
  • Classes might be changed or canceled due to low attendance or if an instructor is not available.
  • Check our website and Facebook page for more information about schedule changes.
  • Teens 13 to 16 may attend classes if supervised by a parent.
  • *Indoor Cycling is an extra $3.00 for non-members for a total of $10.00 ($7.00 daily fee + $3.00 extra).

Fitness Center 615-862-8490

Group Exercise Classes
Day Time Class Instructor
Monday 6:00 AM Boot Camp Ken
Monday 11:00 AM Yoga Nick
Monday 12:15 PM TRX Ann
Monday 4:30 PM Vinyasa Yoga Mary Nell
Monday 5:30 PM Zumba Guisell
Monday 6:30 PM Barre Hannah
Monday 7:30 PM TRX Copernicus
Tuesday 5:15 AM TRX Anthony
Tuesday 6:00 AM Strength, Cycle, Stretch Copernicus
Tuesday 11:30 AM TRX Kathy
Tuesday 12:30 PM Fusion Kathy
Tuesday 5:15 PM Pound Kathy
Tuesday 6:15 PM Restorative Yoga Nick
Tuesday 7:15 PM *Indoor Cycling Ken
Tuesday 7:15 PM Step Charturah
Wednesday 6:00 AM Boot Camp Ken
Wednesday 11:00 AM Yoga Nick
Wednesday 12:15 PM TRX Kristin
Wednesday 4:30 PM Vinyasa Yoga Summer
Wednesday 5:30 PM Zumba Guisell
Wednesday 6:00 PM *Indoor Cycling Charturah
Wednesday 6:30 PM TRX Copernicus
Thursday 5:15 AM TRX Anthony
Thursday 6:00 AM Strength, Cycle, Stretch Copernicus
Thursday 11:30 AM TRX Amy
Thursday 12:30 PM Pound Kathy
Thursday 5:15 PM Boot Camp Ann
Thursday 6:15 PM Restorative Yoga Bronwyn
Thursday 7:15 PM *Indoor Cycling Ken
Friday 6:00 AM Boot Camp Ken
Friday 11:15 AM Yoga Mary Nell
Friday 12:15 PM TRX Shauna
Friday 5:30 PM Zumba Guisell
Saturday 8:00 AM Step Charturah
Saturday 9:00 AM Yoga Shauna
Saturday 10:00 AM TRX Amy
Sunday 1:15 PM Yoga Mina