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Figure Skating Practice Sessions

Buy a Package of Sessions

Packages save you money! We credit your practice sessions to your account after purchase. Practice sessions expire approximately one year after purchase date.

How to Use

  • Look for sign-in sheets near the doors going onto the ice.
  • Find the correct time of your sessions at the top of each sign-in sheet and then sign in on the correct sheet.
  • Sign in before each practice session—not during or after.
  • Sign in for each practice session or part of each practice session you skate. You may not split your skating time between rinks or between sessions. In other words, you cannot skate even part of one session and part of another or part of a session on Rink A and part on Rink B. If you do, you must sign in for each session or rink on which you skate.
  • If your instructor has arranged for you to skate at an unscheduled time, sign in on any available sign-in sheet and show the time that you skated. Otherwise, immediately let management know the time that you just skated.
  • Get on the ice when a session begins, not early. Get off the ice when the session ends, not late.
  • Adhere to level guidelines to help us maintain the best safety and learning conditions:

Session Type Test Level (passed)

BO: Beginner–Freestyle 3, Pre-Preliminary–Preliminary Free Skating
OP: All Levels
FL: Delta–Freestyle 4, Pre-Preliminary.–Pre-Juvenile Free Skating
FH: Freestyle 4–10, Juvenile Free Skating & above
FM: All Freestyle Levels



Save - Buy a Package

Packages Resident Price* Non-Resident Price
Walk-On Session (ea.) $13.00 $13.00
5-Session $59.40 ($11.88 per session) $62.35 ($12.47 per session)
10-Session $97.90 ($9.79 per session) $107.70 ($10.77 per session)
20-Session $181.60 ($9.08 per session) $199.80 ($9.99 per session)
30-Session $250.80 ($8.36 per session) $276.00 ($9.20 per session)
40-Session $306.40 ($7.66 per session) $337.20 ($8.43 per session)
50-Session $347.00 (6.94 per session) $381.50 ($7.63 per session)
90-Session (Best Deal!) $368.10 (4.09 per session) $405.00 ($4.50 per session)

No Refunds.

* In order to be eligible for a resident fee, the user must reside in Davidson County. Anyone giving false information about residency to purchase will be barred from purchasing the same in the future. Refunds are not available to anyone giving false residential information. All fees subject to change without notice.

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