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Practice Session Rules

Refer to the Figure Skating Practice Sessions General Information brochure for purchasing and sign-in information. [Parents, please instruct your child in the following proper behavior for practice sessions.]

For the best safety and learning conditions, all skaters must abide by the following rules:

  • Sign in for each practice session you skate.
  • Learn to practice well with other skaters of varying numbers, levels, and skating styles.
  • Stay out of the way of skaters taking lessons, instructors giving lessons, and skaters performing programs.
  • Conform to level requirements. If you are a hockey skater or are not skating at the appropriate test level for a particular session, you may skate only if you have a private lesson and only during the lesson, not before or after. And, you do not have right of way during your lesson.
  • Treat others with respect, kindness, and common courtesy. Stay out of the way of higher-level skaters. If you are a higher-level skater, be courteous to lower-level skaters (remember, you were once a lower-level skater).
  • Pay attention! Keep your eyes up!
  • Get up quickly if you fall.
  • Stand next to the barrier when you are not skating.
  • Leave the ice to talk.
  • Use all of the ice. Do not skate in just one area.
  • Do not skate across the center of the ice.
  • Do not throw ice or anything else.
  • Avoid sitting on the dasher boards, kicking the ice, digging holes, and playing with cones.
  • No horseplay, such as sliding on the ice, chasing, playing tag, or running into other skaters.
  • No rudeness, cursing, throwing fits, mouthing off, or other unsportsmanlike behavior.
  • Any instructor has the authority to correct your behavior and to ask you to leave the ice.