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Parks and Recreation

Prepare for Your First Day of Class

  • Arrive 20–30 minutes early. Saturdays are especially busy days at the Sportsplex. You need time to park, get skates on, and find your instructor.
  • Wear one pair of thin socks, tights, or nylons, a light-medium jacket or sweater, and gloves.
  • If your skater is under six years of age, we recommend she/he also wear a knit cap or helmet. The rink is cold.
  • If your child is three years old, a parent or guardian must be in skates on the ice to help your child have a good time.
  • When you arrive, go through the double doors into the rink and to the Skate Counter on your immediate right. Get your rental skates.
  • Give us your shoes and shoe size.
  • Skates need to fit tightly. Also, be sure to lace them tightly. Generally, women wear at least one size smaller than their regular shoe size. Men wear one-half size smaller. Children wear about their regular shoe size. And, pre-school age skaters can wear their regular size or one size larger.
  • Once you find a pair of skates that fit properly and work well for you, record the number that is on the bottom of the skates so that you can ask for that pair each time you skate.
  • Find your instructor's name on the lists posted on the rink glass. If you registered in advance, your name is on the list.
  • Your instructor carries a clipboard with his or her name on it. Look for your instructor’s name.
  • Children under six years old meet their instructor in front of the Skate Counter. Skaters six years of age and older go directly onto the ice at class time.
  • Classes are on the skate rental end of the rink. Practice is in the middle.
  • If you have not yet paid for your classes, please do so before you leave. Make checks payable to Metro Parks. Checks are faster for us to accept and do not have a processing fee. However, we do take most credit cards.
  • When you return your skates, push the laces back inside the top of the boot so that they don’t hang out.