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Skating Classes General Information

WELCOME! Sign up now! We have classes for you, the brave (or timid) first-time skater or the more accomplished skater. Our classes follow the Ice Skating Institute (ISI) class and testing structure from beginning through the Freestyle 5 test levels ( The ISI learn-to-skate program is a fun, recreational ice skating program for all ages and abilities. You'll learn basic and advanced skating skills and earn colorful badges for each completed level. ISI hosts and endorses competitions and shows at the Centennial Sportsplex and in other skating rinks across the country. We also offer specialized classes, practice sessions, and private training for recreational and serious test skaters and competitors in ISI and US Figure Skating competitions!

Parents—SKATE TOO!

Learn while your child is learning! Take skating classes at the same time! Succumb to the allure and magic of the ice (and the cheaper family rate), register now!

We Offer

  • A special Multi-class (more than one class per week) discount
  • A 50% Sportspass discount for one-year Sportsplex members
  • Custom designed classes for any group or organization
  • An early registration discount, which is called the Penguin Rate


Mini-Cub Classes

Skaters 3 years old learn to stand, fall and move. Games and toys are used to make learning fun! NOTE: Children this age must be accompanied by a parent, in skates, on the ice (sorry). It is free for the parent, though! The student/instructor ratio is about 6–1. 

Cub Classes

Skaters 4–5 years old, like the Mini-Cub classes, learn to stand, fall, and move while using toys and games to make learning fun! Test Levels: Sportsplex 1–5 and ISI Tot 1–4. The student/instructor ratio is about 8–1.

Max Classes

These classes are for children 6–12 years old. The beginning classes are for you if you have not skated or had formal instruction before. Also, start here if you want to play hockey. You’ll learn correct basic technique. Test Levels: Sportsplex 1–5 and ISI Pre-Alpha–Freestyle 5.

Mighty Max Classes

Adults ages 13–113 learn the basics from the beginning or learn anew after skating as a child. Also, start here if you want to play hockey. Realize your goals (maybe your dreams or nightmares)! Test Levels: Sportsplex 1–5 and ISI Pre-Alpha–Freestyle 5.

Hockey Skating Skills

For hockey players 6–12 who have played at least one year of hockey and are interested in improving their skating skills—starts, stops, transitions, and speed. Beginning skaters should register for a Max class, instead (sorry). No equipment needed.

Private Lessons

Take private or "booster" lessons to supplement group class instruction. Instructors set their own schedules, lesson lengths (typically 15–60 min.), and fees (approx. $36.00–$66.00/hr. payable directly to the instructor). Fees cover instruction, only—NOT Public Session admission, practice session fees, or skate rental.

Make-ups and Attendance

No need to call or email! To make up a class you have missed, attend a similar class at another time. See the class schedule. Of course, for better progress, attend all your regular classes. Arrive 30 minutes early for each of your classes to have time to get your rental skates, lace them, and warm up off the ice.

What To Wear

  • Regular loose and warm street or workout clothing
  • Gloves
  • Warm (though not bulky) jackets or sweaters
  • Helmets (or soft knit hats), soft elbow and knee pads for beginners. We strongly recommend helmets for ages 3–5.
  • Very thin socks, tights, or nylons—no thick socks



Wear one pair of thin socks, tights, or nylons—no thick socks. Unlike street shoes, ice skates must fit tightly to avoid the “wobbly” (ankles). Toes should touch or nearly touch the end of the skates. If the lace opening shrinks as you lace, the skate boots are probably too big. Generally, wear skates smaller than your shoe size. For narrow or wide feet, ask a staff member for sizing help. Sometimes, you may need to use trial and error to find the right rental skates for you.

Important! After choosing a pair of skates that fits properly, record or remember the number written on the sole and always ask for that pair by number. Request skates by number so that you get on the ice quicker and don’t have to adjust your skating to a different pair of skates each time.


Send an email to me, Keneth Langley, the Skating School Director, for help or to make an appointment for measuring. I order and maintain skates suitable for you, as a skater in our program. Even if you do not purchase right away, I will advise you. There are differences in skating equipment. Buy the right skates based on your age, ability, and goals. Use your time, money, and talent wisely! No cheap skates! 


Walk on rubber floors only—not in the lobby, on the metal ramps, or on the wooden bleachers. Also, keep your skates from clicking together when you carry them.


Use your free 30-minute practice adjacent to your class, if available. (Note: some skaters ages 3–5
may not yet be able to skate by themselves. If you are a parent of a skater age 3–5, you may skate with your child during this practice. If your child is age six or above, please do not skate during the practice.)

Use your free admissions and skate rentals! See the appropriate sessions below—
the Figure Skating Practice Sessions and the Public Skating Sessions. After you use them all, just buy more sessions or pay admission each time.

Figure Skating Practice Sessions

Unsupervised. You must wear figure skates. Before skating these sessions, learn about them in the section: Figure Skating Practice Sessions.

Public Sessions

Public Sessions are for everyone. See the section: Public Sessions.

Progress and Evaluation

We evaluate your progress at the end of each series. If you are ready, willing, and able to complete a test successfully, we will test you on the Centennial Sportsplex Beginning Levels or Ice Skating Institute (ISI) program tests. You progress at your own rate. You might need more than one series to pass e level, which is perfectly okay.

Sportsplex Beginning Levels

Level 1

  • Falling Down & Getting Up
  • Forward Marching
  • Backward Marching
  • Swizzle Standing Still (turn feet in and out)
  • TwoFoot Glide

Level 2

  • Dip Standing Still (bend down low)
  • Forward Zig-Zag
  • Forward Swizzle (learn to push!)
  • Skateboard Circle (similar to a swizzle)
  • Airplane Curve (learn to lean on your edges)

Level 3

  • Backward Zig-Zag
  • Backward Swizzle
  • Dip Moving
  • Forward Alternating Swizzle

Level 4

  • Two-Foot Turn (from forward to backward)
  • One-Foot Glide
  • Peg-Leg Pete (onto toe, then onto skate)
  • T-Push (learn the T-position)

Level 5

  • Crossovers Standing Still (cross your feet)
  • Circle OneFoot Glide
  • Skate Lacing
  • Element Sequence (put elements together)

IS Test Levels

See the levels and maneuvers for each type of skating: ISI Test Levels. See details for each maneuver in the current edition of the ISI Skaters & Coaches Handbook.


Yes, compete! The Ice Skating Institute endorsed competitions are recreational team competitions in which each skater can earn points for their rink’s team. Skaters typically compete against those of their own gender, level, and age.

ISI holds competitions in various locations year-round, including the ISI World Championships. See Recreational Ice Skating Magazine (included with your ISI membership) or the Ice Skating Institute website. Ask your instructor for more details and to help you plan ahead (especially for Asia!).

Ice Shows and Exhibitions

Participate in our annual Holiday Ice Show in December! Everyone in the skating school is eligible to skate. Shows and exhibitions are fun and they improve your skating skills!

Competitive Skating

  • Attend Figure Skating Practice Sessions (Freestyle, Dance, etc.) during which you practice your competitive or show programs and receive private or semi-private training.
  • Take private lessons.
  • Enroll in any specialized or advanced classes we offer.
  • Arrange for skating video analysis.
  • Train on the jump harness.
  • Skate in shows.
  • Enter competitions!

Schedule and Fees

Register Now