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Parks and Recreation

RENEW Program

The RENEW Program stands for Recreation centers Endowing Nutrition Education for community Well-being.

During our Youth After-School Programs, Metro Parks & Recreation will provide nutrition and health related education, while also increasing access to meals for our youth and the community. We believe that developing an environment of health consciousness in our youth and their families, with regards to physical activity and nutrition, will influence behavior and wellness, overall reducing rates of hypertension, diabetes, and obesity in our community.

RENEW’s Current Goals

  • Implementation of the program in 24 community centers across Nashville and Davidson County
  • Increase the number of healthy meals served to children
  • Provide nutrition literacy to children and families, teaching the importance of healthy eating
  • Create a supportive and healthy eating and activity environment
  • Teach the importance of community sustainability

To volunteer or for more information please contact Nethraja Rajaratnam.