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Lithograph of Carlotta Grisi as Giselle

Centennial Youth Ballet presents Giselle: Act II & Other Works

Join Centennial Youth Ballet for Act II of Giselle, the quintessential ballet of the Romantic era when floating, ethereal female figures were prominent.

Act II opens in a forest clearing near the grave of Giselle, who has died of a broken heart. The otherworldly Wilis emerge to initiate Giselle into their sisterhood, summoned by their queen, Myrtha. The Wilis roam the forest from midnight until dawn ensnaring any man unlucky enough to wander by. Albrecht, Giselle's true love, visits the forest to lay flowers on her grave and becomes trapped under Myrtha's spell. Giselle intervenes and dances with him until dawn. As the Wilis fade into the early morning mist, Albrecht realizes that their true love has saved his life.

The mixed-bill concert also includes a rousing Hopak, a traditional Ukrainian folk dance, accompanied by live accordion, mandolin, percussion, and upright bass; "Peasant Pas" from Act I of Giselle; and two contemporary ballet pieces choreographed by Jennifer McNamara.

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