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Centennial Black Box Theater

About the Centennial Black Box Theater

Our new theater space is up and running! It is located in the Centennial Arts Activity Center, in Centennial Park, which is the same facility that currently is home to many of our Music, Theater, and Dance classes.

A welcome addition to the performing arts scene in Nashville, our new space is designed to accommodate smaller productions and more intimate audiences. The simple 10-foot by 20-foot stage will accommodate a broad range of performances, from unique music offerings, to small-cast theatrical productions, with room for all sorts of arts education and outreach programs in between. Eventually the space will be home to both Parks' Cultural Arts-generated events and programming, as well as being a space that showcases works from our partner organizations.

New Play Reading Series

The CBB is now the home of our New Play Reading Series. These free, Monday-night readings of works-in-progress take place monthly, (however no readings in June or December). Come enjoy one of the following up-coming readings, each of which begin promptly at 7:00pm.

2015 Play Readings

  • January 5th: Saint Rabbit by Jack Rayson
  • February 23rd: Hannah Elias by Nathan Ross Freemen
  • March 16th: Downsizing by Nick Macikalski
  • April 20th: The Chosen People by Hank Kimmel
  • May 18th: Found Objects by Marilynn Anselm

Free Form Friday

Pre-show at Free Form Friday, picture of stage.

Free Form Friday is an event that provides a platform for performing artists whose style is (for lack of a better phrase) out of the box. It is really all about offering a unique experience while giving artists that are out of the mainstream, yet still creating relevant and interesting art, a place to perform and share their ideas. Dig Deep Light show provides their one of a kind liquid lights which, when paired with the musical performances, propel the evening into an exciting and bizarre realm that is unique each and every time.

Next up at the CBB

Venue At-A-Glance


  • 56 seating capacity- in "Theater-Style" seating
  • 33 seating capacity- in "Cabaret-Style" seating
  • 1 Dressing Room (max cast size 10)
  • 1 Green Room
  • 1 Prop/Costume Closet behind stage
  • Proscenium Stage (approx 10' x 20")
  • Limited Lighting Package
  • Audio Package by request

View from the house of the Centennial Black Box stage.


Centennial Black Box Theater Sign.

Free Form Friday at the CBB

December 12, 2014

Free Form Friday, December 12th

The Voight-Kampff Duo at Free Form Friday

October 10, 2014

Concurrence performs at Free Form Friday on October 10th.

Cher Von performs at Free Form Friday on October 10th.

May 16, 2014

THE3AM performs at Free From Friday May 16th.

Camera Lucida performs at Free Form Friday on May 16th.

February 7, 2014

Reggi Wooten and Robert Bond perform at Free Form Friday on Febraury 7th.

Josh Gumiela and Luke Rainey of Age perform at Free Form Friday on February 7th.