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CAC Studio

Centennial Art Center offers popular, affordable painting and pottery studio classes. CAC has well-lit painting and pottery studios. All of our Specialized Skilled Instructors are local artists. Our most popular art classes include painting, abstract painting, pottery, and sculpture.

Many local area artists “got started” through Metro Parks’ Centennial Art Center classes and both past and current students consistently win awards in juried exhibitions. Current 2014 Summer Schedule.

Summer Extension for Abstract Painting

Come join the fun and learn how to paint abstracts. A four week extension will be offered for Sandy Spain's abstract painting class. Only $32.50.

Fall Classes at Centennial Art Center

Registration for visual art classes begins on Monday, August 11th, 2014 from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm at Centennial Art Center in Centennial Park. Classes start Tuesday, September 2, 2014. All classes will meet once a week for 12 weeks, unless otherwise stated in the schedule.

Please check back, the fall schedule will be posted online by August 1. It will be similar to the current 2014 Summer Schedule.

Upcoming Workshops

Please call us at 615-862-8442 if you are interested in attending one of the upcoming workshops - workshops will be scheduled accordingly.

Portrait Workshop with Darlene Shadden

Attend the portrait workshop and learn how to draw a portrait that looks like "who you love". Portraits will be created in vine charcoal so you can focus on the fascinating process of creating a likeness.

Bas Relief Tile Weekend Workshop with Nancy Jacobsohn

Combining the best of 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional techniques, sculptural tile is a challenging and exciting alternative to flat tile. Learn how to sculpt vibrant, exciting surfaces in clay using various hand make texture tools. You may also wish instruction in creating plaster molds of your tile in order to press multiple copies.

Learn the Art of Cartooning with Mr. Ollie

If you ever wanted to learn how to create your own cartoon characters, now is the time. Tim Oliphant, 'Mr. Ollie', will teach you a method for creating cartoon characters using geometric shapes that is easy to understand and follow. Mr. Ollie will also teach you why certain things in nature look the way they do.


Beginning/Intermediate - Students will learn key concepts and fundamentals in color mixing, composition, and painting methods. The course will help students develop an understanding of value (light and dark), form and color. Different painting handling techniques and brush work will be taught. Students are encouraged to experiment with different styles and try different teachers.

Open Studio (OS) - Advanced - Open studio classes are for advanced students who want to come into the center and paint. Students should have good painting skills as instruction is minimal.

Abstract Painting - Sandy Spain's class will give you some simple techniques to help you master the flow and ease of creation. In Strictly Abstract, you will learn how to mix colors, balance your subject and express yourself through art. Students will surprise themselves with the beautiful paintings they do in this class.

Supplies (all classes) - Students should bring their own supplies; a suggested materials list will be provided.


Beginning/Intermediate - Students start with the basics of hand building (working off the wheel). We commonly start with projects on coil building or slabs (sheets of clay slab) each week using patterns, forms, textures and step-by-step instruction. Students are then given instruction on wheel throwing, trimming, and glazing pottery. Instructors will provide you with step-by-step instructions and demonstrations to help you create wonderful clay objects. Intermediate students will review the basics and are given additional techniques and projects.

Pottery Classes at Bellevue Community Center - Pottery classes are also available Wednesday AM or PM. This class has students of all levels.

Raku Pottery - Spend Saturday afternoons with Wanda Ellis and learn/enjoy the process of Raku firing. Raku uses a process of heating the pottery quickly to high temperatures and cooling it in a barrel filled with material, such as newspaper. It is then covered and allowed to smoke; the cooling process and the amount of oxygen that is allowed to reach the pottery creates interesting results and colors.

Open Studio (OS) - Advanced - Open studio classes are for advanced students who want to come into the center to work. A good working knowledge of clay is necessary as instruction is minimal.

Hand Building/Sculpture - Advanced - Hand building/sculpture is great fun and gives you the opportunity to create functional and/or not functional objects. The instructor will show you sculptural techniques.

Supplies (all classes) - Firing and glazes are supplied. Students need to bring their own tools and clay. a suggested materials list will be provided when students register.

Clay for Sale

Centennial Art Center has purchased Laguna clay at a discounted rate! Remember to purchase clay at CAC when you register or before classes start – quantity is limited.

clay tea pot