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Parks and Recreation

Film and Video Permits

Application, Agreement, Certificate of Insurance must be received before application is processed and permit issued.

Make all checks payable/insurance requirements to:
Metropolitan Board of Parks and Recreation
PO Box 196340
Nashville TN 37219-6340
Fax: 615-862-8414
Phone: 615-862-8400

Apply Online or Download the Video and Photography Permit and email it to Metro Parks.

Credit Card Payments can be made by calling the Video/Film Division at 615-862-8400.

Please allow 5 business days for processing.

Photography Permits

Commercial photographers now have the option of choosing from two fee structures, a daily rate or an annual fee. The daily rate is 125.00 for Davidson County professionals or businesses, or $135.00 for those located out of county. The annual permit is $250 for twelve months.  Here’s how it works.

  • The annual permit allows for unlimited visits to most Metro parks. Access is limited to those parks and park spaces that are open to the public during normal operating hours. Photographers with this permit are allowed to utilize most greenspace without prior approval.
  • The annual permit is for simple low-impact shoots that utilize one or two cameras. Larger commercial shoots may require fees, depending on size and impact.
  • Shoots that require extensive set-up must be approved. Permittee is required to submit details of the shoot in writing and must allow three to five business days for the approval process.

The permit does not allow:

  • photographing individuals, events, or private reservations without the consent of the individual, organizer or reservation holder.
  • use of facilities (interior) or reserved picnic shelters or areas. If exclusive use or a reservation is needed for a particular facility or location, the photographer will need to go through the normal reservation process, which will include paying the daily rental rate or possibly the greenspace fee for that particular park.
  • closure of streets or interference with the use of other park patrons.
  • Any extensive set-up on park lawns or greenspace. Prop set-up, stages, and the like would require the rental of greenspace that can be booked and obtained by calling 615.862.8400.
  • permittee to tie, drape, or attach rope, props, or equipment to trees, shrubs, fences, or benches or attach anything to any architectural features, statues, sculptures, or fountains. Cutting, tying back, or altering shrubs, plantings, or trees in any way could result in extensive fines.

All materials brought in by permit holders, including trash, must be removed from the park.

Please allow 5 business days for processing.

Use of Drones

No person shall voluntarily bring, land or cause to descent or alight within or upon any park, any airplane, flying machine, balloon, parachute, or other apparatus for aviation (which includes drones). "Voluntarily", in this connection shall mean anything other than a forced landing. Any landing other that one caused by mechanical or structural failure of the aircraft or any of its parts shall be deemed to have been made voluntarily, and this shall include landings caused by error or oversight, negligence or failure to comply with F.A.A. regulations or rulings. This section is not to be construed in pari materia with Section 30A-1-24.