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Parks and Recreation

Nashville Municipal Riverfront Dockage

About Reservations

  • We reserve on a first come, first served basis two months in advance (maximum 5 night stay).
  • Docks are available during NFL games.
  • If docked without a reservation + confirmation number, Park Police will be called.
  • Leaving a phone message for a reservation does not make a confirmed reservation.
  • Check-in time is 12:00PM (Noon) on the reserved date. Check-out time is 11:00AM on the following day.
  • Call 615-862-8472 upon arrival, all vessels must check in.

Making a Reservation

  • Call: 615-862-8480 (Mon-Fri: 8:00AM-3:00PM)
  • Call: 615-862-8472 (Tues-Sat: 10:00AM-5:00PM)
  • Payments are NEVER made at the docks.
  • Payments are only made over the phone or in person at Hamilton Creek Marina/Centennial Sportsplex.
  • Pay with a VISA, MasterCard, Discover Card, or AMEX.
  • Please call in advance to reserve, as staff may not be available to make reservations for the same day.


The municipal docks are located on the Cumberland River at mile marker 191 on the east and west banks. The A-Dock is on the west bank with 350' of reservable space (Downtown side). The T-Dock is on the east bank with 400' of reservable space (Nissan Stadium side) with a coded entry/exit gate. Docks have water and 30/125 and 50/250 amp. Rafting of one vessel of equal or lesser length is allowed on both sides of the river.


Dockage Fees
Time Frame Resident Non-Resident
4 Hours or Less $10 + .25 per ft over 20' $12 + .25 per ft over 20'
5 Hours or Overnight $20 + .50 per ft over 20' $25 + .50 per ft over 20'
Utility Fees
Time Frame Resident Non-Resident
4 Hours or Less $4 $5
5 Hours or Overnight $8 $9

Notice imageNotice

The current river elevation is low. There is a known obstruction on the East Bank Dock. It has been taped off with caution tape. Please do not dock your boat between the two electrical pedestals with caution tape.

Contact Us

Reservations: 615-862-8472 or 615-862-8480

Park Police: 615-880-3429


Nashville Riverfront Dockage
c/o Russell Lackey
P.O. Box 196340
Nashville, TN 37219-6340

Reservation Schedule

Tuesday-Saturday, 10am-5pm