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A New Vision for Broadway

Lower Broad between First and Second Avenues had a new look in September and October 2016, with street furniture and planters occupying two lanes of the street to show how the Broadway streetside might be turned into pedestrian-friendly walking and sitting zones.

photo of modified lane and sidewalk ground level photo of benches and planters

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  • Nashville


What Lower Broad Might Become

The animation below, prepared by the Planning Department, shows how the first block of Broadway might look if sidewalks and pedestrian space were expanded. This is an illustration of a concept, not a construction plan - everything shown here is subject to change.

What's Next?

Some of the concepts demonstrated here could eventually become permanent and extend all the way to Fifth Avenue, as part or a larger effort to make Broadway a safer and more walkable street.

Discussions continue about Lower Broad's future, and the public is always welcome to share thoughts and ideas.

NashvilleNext, the city’s General Plan for the next 25 years, identifies walking and public space improvements along Lower Broad as a critical need between 1st and 5th Avenue. Metro Public Works has already begun improvements to crossings, signals, and walking zones in that area.