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Bordeaux/Whites Creek Community Plan

About the Planmap highlighting the Bordeaux/Whites Creek Community Plan area

The Bordeaux/Whites Creek Community Plan was most recently updated in 2015 as part of the NashvilleNext long-range planning process.

All of the Planning Department's fourteen Community Plans are guided by the Community Character Manual, a document which provides detailed policy guidance based on the look and feel of neighborhoods, centers, corridors and open spaces.

The Bordeaux/Whites Creek Community Plan

Questions or comments about the Bordeaux-Whites Creek Community Plan:

Anita McCaig

Metropolitan Planning Department

800 2nd Avenue South
PO Box 193600
Nashville, TN 37219-6300

Subdivision regulations revisions

Those revisions have been recommended for deferral to the April 28 Planning Commission meeting.

Draft Rural Character subdivision regulations

Example development diagrams

Whites Creek policies

Policy recommendations for the outstanding areas in Whites Creek have been recommended for deferral until May 26. Draft Rural Character Subdivision Regulations and example diagrams are posted below.

The first document linked below is a presentation that was made at a workshop of the Planning Commission and updated for the December 10 Planning Commission meeting. The second document linked below is a spreadsheet that summarizes recommendations.

Currently, the only change to these materials since December 10 is that staff is not recommending any special policies for these areas.

Whites Creek Areas of Interest and Policy Recommendations

Land Use Data for MPC Whites Creek Deferred Properties

Aerial photo of downtown NashvilleCost of Development Studies

The following studies were undertaken as part of the NashvilleNext process to examine the fiscal impact of and demand for various development patterns.

"Greater Nashville Trends, Preferences, and Opportunities 2010-2025 and to 2040"

by Dr. Arthur C. Nelson, director of the Metropolitan Research Center, University of Utah

"Local Solutions for a Community Vision"

by Joe Minicozzi, principal, Urban 3

"Fiscal impact analysis of three development scenatios in Nashville-Davidson County, TN"

a case study from Smart Growth America