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Bordeaux/Whites Creek Community Plan

This Community Plan was previously updated using older policy categories that are no longer in use. In April 2014, the Metro Planning Commission approved a translation of each of the older policies to their corresponding new policy in the Community Character Manual (CCM).

Related policy information on interactive maps

After accepting the disclaimer, expand the “Layers” box to check the “Land Use Policy,” “Adopted Special Policy Areas,” and “Conservation” layers so that you can see any sensitive environmental features.

This Community Plan document is currently being edited. Through late 2014, Planning staff will be working with communities as part of NashvilleNext to decide future areas of growth and preservation, and to update policies within each Community Plan as needed.

Special Policy and Detailed Policy areas within the Bordeaux-Whites Creek Community Plan

NashvilleNext background information and meeting schedule

About the Plan

Subarea 2 mapThe Metro Planning Commission adopted the Bordeaux-Whites Creek Community Plan in September 2003. This plan includes additions and amendments through April 2014.

Scottsboro / Bells Bend Detailed Design Plan

The Planning Commission unanimously adopted a Detailed Design Plan for the Scottsboro/Bells Bend Community on August 14, 2008, and rejected a proposed alternative development area within the plan on June 25, 2009.

Clarksville Pike Corridor Study

Planning staff presented a Clarksville Pike Corridor study in early 2004 in response to community interest in improved development along the Clarksville Pike corridor from the Cumberland River to Briley Parkway.

Questions or comments about the Bordeaux-Whites Creek Community Plan:

Anita McCaig

Metropolitan Planning Department

800 2nd Avenue South
PO Box 193600
Nashville, TN 37219-6300

Aerial photo of downtown NashvilleCost of Development Studies

The following studies were undertaken as part of the NashvilleNext process to examine the fiscal impact of and demand for various development patterns.

"Greater Nashville Trends, Preferences, and Opportunities 2010-2025 and to 2040"

by Dr. Arthur C. Nelson, director of the Metropolitan Research Center, University of Utah

"Local Solutions for a Community Vision"

by Joe Minicozzi, principal, Urban 3

"Fiscal impact analysis of three development scenatios in Nashville-Davidson County, TN"

a case study from Smart Growth America

map of Whites Creek areaCommunity Plan updates: Whites Creek

Planning staff continues to work with communities as part of NashvilleNext to decide future areas of growth and preservation, and to update policies within each Community Plan as needed.

Next Community Meeting

Whites Creek Community Plan Update (Meeting 4 of 4)
October 14, 2014
6:00 - 7:30 pm
Alex Green Elementary School, 3921 Lloyd Road


  1. Review of Preferred Future
  2. Impact of Preferred Future on Whites Creek
  3. Validation of Final DRAFT Policies
  4. Validation of Mapping
  5. Discussion of Potential Implementation Tools and Techniques
    1. Utility Policies
    2. Zoning
    3. Subdivision Regulations

Read the existing Community Character policies

Read the currently adopted Bordeaux-Whites Creek Community Plan and Historic Resources

The attachments below include the final draft Rural Community Character policies as developed over the summer. The draft includes all comments received during the previous meetings. Table discussions will be held at the next meeting to solicit final comments. Comments can also be provided by letter to the Planning Department at 800 2nd Avenue South, PO Box 196300, Nashville, TN 37219-6300, or by email at

DRAFT Rural Community Character Definitions and Policies (Updated)

DRAFT Whites Creek Community Character Map

T2 Rural Center Information