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Green Hills-Midtown Community Plan

About the Plan

county map with Green Hills-Midtown highlightedThe Green Hills-Midtown Community Plan was most recently updated in 2015 as part of the NashvilleNext long-range planning process.

All of the Planning Department's fourteen Community Plans are guided by the Community Character Manual, a document which provides detailed policy guidance based on the look and feel of neighborhoods, centers, corridors and open spaces.

The Green Hills-Midtown Community Plan

Appendix A: 12th Avenue South Detailed Neighborhood Design Plan

Appendix B: The Midtown Study

Appendix C: Green Hills Transportation Plan

2017 NashvilleNext Update

The 2017 update of the entire NashvilleNext plan is currently in progress. It includes reorganization and streamlining of Community Plans to focus on each community's role in Davidson County, the region, and the Growth and Concept Map, as well as its Community Character Policies.

A public hearing will be held during the August 24 Planning Commission meeting.

For more information on the Green Hills-Midtown Community Plan, please contact:

Marty Sewell
Community Plans
Metropolitan Planning Department
800 2nd Avenue South
PO Box 193600
Nashville TN 37210


A transportation plan was prepared by a resource team of planners, residents, consultants, business owners, and community leaders and adopted in March 2014 to address the Green Hills area’s mobility needs. It outlines opportunities to improve walking and biking conditions for all people, complete street connections, align intersections, and improve mass transit to the area. Planners will utilize the transportation plan as redevelopment occurs to guide infrastructure improvements. Metro will also consider the transportation plan in developing projects as part of the Capital Budget and Planning program

Please contact Michael Briggs, 615-862-7219, for more information on the Green Hills Area Transportation Plan.

12th South, Midtown, Music Row and the NashvilleNext update

Please note that the 12th Avenus South Detailed Neighborhood Design Plan, Midtown Study, and Music Row Study are not affected by the current NashvilleNext update process - they're not included in the proposed Green Hills-Midtown Community Plan improvements for that reason.

Music Row: planning for growth while preserving history and character

The Planning Commission approved a Detailed Design Plan for Music Row in December 2016, and planners are currently working with community members to develop an updated zoning code for the neighborhood. Details of that discussion and a complete Design Plan are on our Music Row Community Meetings page.

Urban Design Overlays (UDOs)

Green Hills / Midtown is home to 7 Urban Design Overlays, the most in any of our fourteen communities. An Urban Design Overlay, or UDO, is a zoning tool that requires specific design standards for development in a designated area. A UDO is used to either protect the pre-existing character of the area or to create a character that would not otherwise be ensured by the development standards in the base zoning district. UDOs overlay the current base zoning and allow for development standards above and beyond those in the base zoning.

Hillsboro Village

Adopted: May 18, 1999

Hillsboro Village

Hillsboro Village UDO document, updated May 2017

Please contact Justin Wallace, 615-862-7158, for more information on the Hillsboro Village UDO.

Music Row

Adopted: August 27, 2001

Music Row

Music Row UDO document

Please contact Justin Wallace, 615-862-7158, for more information on the Music Row UDO.

Green Hills

Adopted: August 6, 2002/amended 2003 and 2007

Green Hills

Green Hills UDO document

Please contact Andrew Collins, 615-862-7207, for more information on the Green Hills UDO.

Bedford Avenue

Adopted: June 17, 2003


Bedford Avenue UDO document

Please contact Jessica Buechler, 615-862-7184, for more information on the Bedford Avenue UDO

31st Avenue /Long Boulevard

Adopted: March 16, 2004

31st Ave and Long

31st Avenue/Long Boulevard UDO document

Please contact Singeh Saliki, 615-862-7165, for more information on the 31st Avenue / Long Boulevard UDO.

Harding Town Center

Adopted: May 17, 2005

Harding Town Center

Harding Town Center UDO document

Harding Town Center Transportation Plan

Please contact Andrew Collins, 615-862-7207, for more information on the Harding Town Center UDO


Adopted: May 26, 2011


Primrose UDO document

Please contact Jessica Buechler, 615-862-7184, for more information on the Primrose UDO.

Institutional Overlays

The Green Hills / Midtown Community plan also holds two Institutional Overlays, which provide development rules for specific areas and work in cooperation with existing residential zoning.

Lipscomb University

Adopted: August 15, 2005

David Lipscomb University

Lipscomb University Institutional Overlay document

Please contact Gene Burse, 615-862-7155, for more information on the Lipscomb University Institutional Overlay.

Belmont University Master Plan

Adopted August 31, 2005

Belmont University

Belmont University Master Plan Institutional Overlay document

Please contact Shawn Shepard at 615-862-6263 for more information on the Belmont University Institutional Overlay.