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Planning Department

Green Hills Area Transportation Plan

The display boards from the Oct. 28, 2013 community meeting are reproduced here.  Please click each board to see a larger version.

1. Overview

miniature of Overview board

Miniature of Agencies display board

2. Agencies

Many agencies partner to implement portions of the transportation system in Green Hills.

3. Toolbox

Miniature of Toolbox display board

A variety of strategies for addressing traffic issues.

4. Streets

Miniature of Streets display board

Traffic and roadway recommendations: minor and moderate improvements

5. Streets

Miniature of Streets display board

Traffic and roadway recommendations: major improvements and access management.

6. Street Connections Mapminiature of potential street connections map

A map of potential street connections.

7. Street Connections Listminiature of street connections list

Potential connections, many of which would only be considered as redevelopment occurs.

8. Streetscapeminiature of streetscape display board

Establishment of a streetscape hierarchy combined with a wayfinding program will greatly enhance the Green Hills area's aesthetic appeal and encourage additional pedestrian activity. 

9. Transitminiature of Transit display board

Recommendations for transit improvements.

10. Transitminiature of transit display board

Additional transit recommendations.

11. Pedestrian & Bicycle RecommendationsMiniature of pedestrian & bicycle recommendations display board

Green Hills' development pattern has historically focused on the automobile; these recommendations provide some alternatives.

12. Ideasphoto of postings on response board

Comments and suggestions posted on this board during the Oct. 28 meeting will be posted here soon.  Further comments can be made to Michael Briggs, Transportation Planner.