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Parkwood/Union Hill Community Plan

About the Plancounty map with Parkwood-Union HIll highlighted

The Parkwood-Union Hill Community Plan was most recently updated in 2015 as part of the NashvilleNext long-range planning process.

All of the Planning Department's fourteen Community Plans are guided by the Community Character Manual, a document which provides detailed policy guidance based on the look and feel of neighborhoods, centers, corridors and open spaces.

The Parkwood-Union Hill Community Plan

2017 NashvilleNext Update

The 2017 update of the entire NashvilleNext plan is currently in progress. It includes reorganization and streamlining of Community Plans to focus on each community's role in Davidson County, the region, and the Growth and Concept Map, as well as its Community Character Policies.

A public hearing will be held during the August 24 Planning Commission meeting.

For more information on the Parkwood / Union Hill Community Plan, please contact:

Marty Sewell
Metropolitan Planning Department
800 2nd Avenue South
Nashville TN 37210