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Planning Department

Southeast Community Plan

About the Plan

Subarea 2 map

The Southeast Community Plan was most recently updated in August 2017 as part of a scheduled review of the NashvilleNext long-range plan.

All of the Planning Department's fourteen Community Plans are guided by the Community Character Manual, a document which provides detailed policy guidance based on the look and feel of neighborhoods, centers, corridors and open spaces.

The Southeast Community Plan

Urban Design Overlays (UDOs)

The Southeast community is home to 3 Urban Design Overlays. An Urban Design Overlay, or UDO, is a zoning tool that requires specific design standards for development in a designated area. A UDO is used to either protect the pre-existing character of the area or to create a character that would not otherwise be ensured by the development standards in the base zoning district. UDOs overlay the current base zoning and allow for development standards above and beyond those in the base zoning.

Lenox Village

Adopted May 15, 2001

Lenox Village

Lenox Village UDO document

Please contact Justin Wallace, 615-862-7158, for more information on the Lenox Village UDO.

Brentwood Town Center

Adopted September 19, 2006

Brentwood Town Center

Brentwood Town Center UDO document

Please contact Jessica Buechler, 615-862-7158, for more information on the Brentwood Town Center UDO.

Carothers Crossing

Adopted January 17, 2007

Carothers Crossing sketch

Carothers Crossing UDO document

Please contact Jessica Buechler, 615-862-7184, for more information on the Carothers Crossing UDO