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West Nashville Community Plan

About the Plan

Subarea 7 map

The Planning Commission voted 8-0 on July 23, 2009, to adopt the current West Nashville Community Plan, one of fourteen community plans which guide growth and development in Davidson County. Each of those plans is updated every seven to ten years, and amended as necessary.

This current version of the West Nashville Community Plan includes all changes and amendments through February 2013.

Aquinas College Institutional Overlay

The Aquinas College Institutional Overlay, was adopted in November 2008. Institutional Overlays provide development rules for specific areas and work in cooperation with existing residential zoning.

For more information on the Aquinas College Institutional Overlay, please contact Latisha Birkeland, (615) 862-7161.

For more information on the West Nashville Community Plan, please contact:

Cindy Wood (615) 862-7166
Community Plans
Metropolitan Planning Department
800 2nd Avenue South
PO Box 193600
Nashville, TN 37219-6300