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Neighborhood Information by Council District

Our newly updated Guides to Planning and Zoning provide specific information about planning initiatives, zoning districts, land use, and access to planning services in each Metro Council district. Each Guide includes:

  • How our planning process works, and how it affects the district
  • Maps and tables explaining land use and zoning in the district
  • A list of zoning types and their applications
  • Development activity and building permits issued in the district
  • An overview of the application process
  • Maps showing Urban and General Services District boundaries, crime incidents, school zones, parks and greenways, floodplain and floodways, and the location of schools, fire stations, and other civic services
  • Updates on current planning initiatives
  • Maps of urban and historic zoning districts and redevelopment districts
  • Countywide demographic data
  • Membership and meeting schedules of boards and commissions which affect the planning process
  • Contact information for Planning Department staff 

These guides were updated after the 2011 Council election; you can reach them through the links below or by selecting a Council district on the map.

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