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Nashville's Neighborhoods

NeighborhoodsNashville’s neighborhoods are the backbone of the community. Their appearance, amenities, and function are key to the betterment of the city. Neighborhood planning initiatives seek to create areas with improved connectivity, walkability, and attractiveness in all parts of Nashville.

Instead of isolating uses from one another, planning true neighborhoods places emphasis on creating quality environments that are not left behind for the newest area next door. Accommodating growth for a diverse array of lifestyles, incomes, and needs provides marketable and viable choices that will retain a sense of belonging and identity. An appropriate mix of uses, housing types, and strong design is the backbone of developing livable and sustainable neighborhoods.

Over the past several decades, while our region has experienced increased economic activity, population growth, and cultural offerings, our daily environments have largely become places without distinguishing character - the battle is ever more about fighting traffic congestion and not about creating valuable places. While it may be difficult to alleviate traffic in a growing region, the Planning Department nonetheless is committed to helping develop places that a wide range of people can enjoy and take pride in living in.

Neighborhoods Map

There is no definitive map of Nashville’s neighborhood boundaries, because residents don’t always agree on where those boundaries are. The map linked below provides information on neighborhood organizations and on specific subdivisions based on information from residents and community leaders; those boundaries are subject to change and are purely advisory. We have also made some boundary modifications to prevent overlap and make this map easier to read.

Neighborhoods Map

Neighborhood Involvement

Neighborhood meetingYou can get involved by attending community meetings in your neighborhood. Information about meetings and other community events is posted on our front page and our Facebook page; you can also follow us on Twitter, where we're "MetroNashPlan."

We post the Planning Commission's agendas, along with staff reports and recommendations, on our Commission schedules & agendas page around midday on the Friday before each meeting.

Neighborhood Links

Neighborhood LogosWe can connect you with over sixty neighborhood organizations through our Neighborhood Links page.

The Mayor's Office of Neighborhoods at (615)862-6000 is another source of neighborhood information.