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Planning Department

Highland Heights Community Planning Study

About the Study

Highland Heights street scene

The Metro Planning Commission and Highland Heights neighbors have asked the Planning Department to work on possible refinements of current land use policies included in the Highland Heights area.  A draft plan and other materials will be updated in the coming weeks - they are linked at the bottom of this page.

Map of the Highland Heights study area

Notice sent to community members

Land use policy guides the Planning Commission’s actions on subdivision requests and zone changes. Any updates made to those policies would not change current zoning.

Our goal is to ensure that policies affecting the Highland Heights area accurately reflect how the members of that community want growth and preservation to happen in the future, and that any significant changes are guided by community input and discussion. The East Nashville Community Plan describes how current land use policies are applied in the Highland Heights neighborhood.

Existing Conditions in Highland Heights

Community Participation

photo of hands drawing on map

Metro planners held a series of public meetings and discussions, or “charrette,” in early March, working with local property owners, residents, and business owners to get community input on any possible policy changes.

Numerous Highland Heights stakeholders (residents, property owners, business owners, development professionals, and elected officials) participated in the charrette week meetings and design process.

Stakeholders talked with the Community Design team about the issues the community faces and worked on design solutions. The Community Design team worked diligently to address neighborhood design issues promptly and generate land use policy and appropriate building type concepts.

Below are links to the materials presented at the Work-In-Progress meeting on Thursday, March 8. The Community Design team continues to work on additional development scenarios, including the Cherokee Avenue area and the Optimara/Holtkamp Greenhouse area.

Remember, this remains a work in progress, and these are draft materials. The Community Design team is working on another draft based on comments received at the March 8 meeting.

Our process survey asked meeting participants what they thought about the charrette and the prospects for change - and nearly all responses were positive.

If you have additional comments, please email

Presentations and Other Materials

planner explaining map to community member

From the Monday visioning session:

From the Thursday draft presentation:

Additional Information

Project information and updates will be posted here as the study moves forward.

The project leader is Marty Sewell,